Month: August 2023

Arkansas Medical Cannabis Sales Set To Surpass Last Year’s Record Of $270M

The people of Arkansas spent $23.2 million on medical cannabis in July, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. According to the Department of Finance and Administration, such recent spending is set to surpass the state’s record sales from last year. Scott Hardin, a spokesman for the Department of Finance, said July’s sales numbers demonstrate that Arkansas will exceed […]

Study Analyzes Evidence of Benefits from Using MDMA with Psilocybin, LSD

A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports found evidence that MDMA can be a beneficial treatment for specific mental health-related conditions. The study consisted of eight researchers from the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine in New York, as well as the Imperial College London’s Centre for Psychedelic Research, and its aptly titled […]

Mexican Navy Seizes More Than Four Tons of Cocaine After High-Speed Chase at Sea

Dramatic new footage released by Mexico’s Navy shows officers carrying out a major drug bust after a high-speed chase at sea. The footage, which has been widely reported on in the media, depicts a pair of operations carried out by the Navy; in one, an officer can be seen descending from an overhead helicopter to […]

Dept. of Health and Human Services Calls On DEA to Reclassify Cannabis as Schedule III

An official at the Department of Health and Human Services recommended to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that cannabis be reclassified from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act in a leaked letter. HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine sent a letter dated Aug. 29 to DEA […]

Cannabis Clones for Sale: Where To Buy Clones Online

With more states allowing for home cultivation each year, cannabis clones have skyrocketed in popularity. New and veteran growers that have struggled with germinating seeds, only to get mixed results, are finding that clones and XL plants are a better choice. Not only do clones allow growers to shave a full month off their grows, […]

High Stakes, Higher Standards: Cannabis Industry’s ESG Revolution

In recent years, the cannabis industry has emerged from the shadows of prohibition into a realm of legality and potential profitability. However, as this nascent sector grows, so do the concerns regarding its impact on the environment and society at large. Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) principles are now taking center stage as the industry […]

Half a Million Fentanyl Pills Disguised as Oxycodone Confiscated by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office in One Week

Last week was busy for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, who reported Monday that they confiscated over 500,000 fentanyl tablets that were disguised as ”M30” oxycodone pills. One of the primary reasons people overdose on fentanyl is because they think they are taking a less powerful opioid, typically disguised as an oxycodone or hydrocodone pill. […]

The Future of Hemp is Bright. But is the Industry Ready?

While hemp has faced significant challenges over the last several years, opportunities are on the horizon. Despite low acreage now, the future of hemp is bright  In 2019, there were close to 525,000 acres licensed for hemp cultivation. Acres licensed for hemp were below 70,000 in 2022, which is the lowest acreage since the passage […]

The Hash Sommelier | High Times

Shortly after the first hash pairing, the bright high hits me. I go silent and get lost in the scene—the light glistening off the water, the spectacular red expanse of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the short bell-like dings and creaks produced by boats rocking in the harbor. My host Sarah Jain Bergman notices my […]

Tennis Star Catches Wind of Pot Smell at US Open

The US Open is not played on grass, but there was apparently still plenty of green on Monday as the year’s final tennis grand slam began in New York.  On the women’s side, the eighth-seeded Maria Sakkari lost in an opening round upset to the unseeded Spaniard Rebeka Masarova in straight sets –– a match that […]

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