Month: September 2023

Leafing Through the Lore | High Times

The sheer amount of work that goes into publishing a book, from the challenges that arise during research to the technicalities behind photography, is often overlooked. This is especially evident for books about cannabis and cannabis culture. Higher: The Lore, Legends, and Legacy of Cannabis, written by Dan Michaels and featuring photography by Erik Christiansen […]

The Search for the Next Great Strain

Halle Pennington wears a loose white shirt resembling a lab coat and counts out 5,000 cannabis seeds with a machine typically used for sorting diamonds. The seeds per weight, she says, are equivalent to the price of gold. We’re in the headquarters of Humboldt Seed Company on the second stop of a multi-week tour that […]

Ukrainian Immigrants Open Dispensary in West Virginia

Ukrainian immigrants looking for a better future are turning to opportunities in medical cannabis in multiple states. The Herald-Dispatch reports that a pair of Ukrainian immigrants are owners of a new dispensary opening up in Huntington, West Virginia. While one of the operators emigrated to the U.S. decades ago, they are proudly supporting their home […]

Heavy Cannabis Use Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Problems in Canadian Study

A new research report has found that individuals diagnosed with “cannabis use disorder” have a roughly 60% higher chance of experiencing certain heart problems than adults of the same age and gender without the same diagnosis. The study, published in Addiction on Wednesday, was conducted using medical data from just under 60,000 adults in Alberta, […]

Dropping Acid Doesn’t Mean You’re Psychedelic

I was in Goa—the hippie headquarters of the world, where the jungles come to life with all night psytrance parties, where the shores of the Arabian Sea are dotted with with drum circles and beachside acro-yoga, where travelers come for a week and stay for a year, flocking to ecstatic dance and meditation retreats, or […]

Two Amendments Relating to Cannabis, Psychedelic Research Added to Defense Bill

The House Rules Committee recently cleared two cannabis and psychedelic-related amendments on Sept. 23 to be discussed on the floor. Days later on Sept. 27, the House approved the two amendments—Amendment No. 48 and Amendment No. 137—to be included in H.R. 4365, or the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2024. Amendment No. 48, supported by […]

Is Weed Education Resonating With the Public?

There aren’t many unifying factors across the cannabis community these days. What once seemed like a largely in-lock-step group has splintered over the years. Still, one of the rare agreements reached across the spectrum is that the education gap persists.  The education gap essentially boils down to what is accurate and inaccurate about the plant […]

SAFER Banking Act Passes Senate Committee, Moves to Floor Vote

Cannabis companies doing legal business in their state are one step closer to potentially opening accounts with federally-insured banks after the latest version of the SAFER Banking Act (formerly SAFE banking) cleared the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday 14-9. The Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation Banking Act will now move to the Senate Floor for where […]

Everything You Need to Know About THC-JD

A lot of our readers love nothing more than a super powerful cannabinoid that can get them, well, really high.  And, one company that always delivers in that department is Binoid, offering some of the most powerful and rare cannabinoids on the market. With so many new cannabinoids hitting the scene right now, a few […]

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