Medterra Introduces Its THC Seltzer: Daily Delight Social Tonic

Medterra’s THC seltzer is reaching many individuals around the world for its ability to enhance moods for deep comfort. 

The seltzer prides itself on being a non-alcoholic alternative and a socially relaxing beverage. 

Many cannabis users enjoy the THC seltzer for these reasons to elevate their well-being. 

If you’re one of these cannabis enthusiasts, you should know that the THC seltzer drink also has several distinct flavors. 

It provides a slight uplifting buzz that’s perfect for those low-key gatherings. 

Medterra’s Daily Delight Social Tonic is different than carbonated beverages, providing all the benefits of a carbonated drink with a delightful kick. 

What Is A THC Seltzer?

THC seltzers are cannabis-infused drinks known to provide users with light-lifting sensations. 

Many refer to the beverages as liquid edibles and are sought after by cannabis lovers who want to uplift their moods.  

They are a convenient way to get THC inside the body’s system without needing to grind and puff your way into bliss town. 

What better way to consume THC than opening a can of liquid gold? 

Not all seltzers are made the same or have the same compounds, but most have a unique blend of ingredients with an infusion of CBD and THC compounds. 

Some have different variations of cannabinoids, but Medterra’s Daily Delight Social Tonic contains a balance of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and THC. 

You can kick your feet up and enjoy the relaxing effects of THC seltzer whether you’re chilling with friends or at home.

How Much THC Is In One Daily Delight Seltzer?

There’s 2mg of THC inside one can along with 2mg of CBD, providing enough THC for a light and blissful buzzing experience to enhance your wellness routine.

This packs up to 4mg of cannabinoids in one seltzer that’s derived from quality hemp in the USA. These two compounds can give you a delightful journey into chill vibes. 

When drinking the cannabis-infused seltzer, you can expect to experience the effects within 10 to 30 minutes after the first cold sip. 

Some cannabis enthusiasts have better luck with feeling the buzzing energies faster than others.  

You can also consume 2 or 3 beverages to experience a higher impactful sensation for any fun occasion. 

Why THC Seltzer Is A Great Alternative To Alcoholic Drinks

THC seltzer drink is a great alternative containing carbonation and THC for an uplifting feeling similar to an alcoholic beverage without the side effects of a hangover. 

They also have distinguished flavor profiles that aren’t harsh on the taste buds during consumption making it a pleasurable liquid to consume after a long day’s work. 

For those who are trying to make the switch away from alcohol; delta-9 THC seltzers are a popular option to consider.  

Calories And Natural Ingredients In Medterra’s THC Seltzer

Medterra’s THC seltzer has natural plant ingredients with the purest form of THC compounds. 

They come in 12 fluid ounces with carbonation similar to sparkling water but with a nice light-lifting feel. 

Cannabis users who want to mind their calories can drink THC seltzer Daily Delight guilt-free since it contains only 40 calories per can. 

The seltzer comes in three natural flavors; Black Cherry, Grapefruit, and Guava Passion Fruit. 

The Farm Bill allows for the legal shipping of 0.3% hemp-derived THC products throughout the U.S., but you can’t ship any THC product. 

You can get into serious criminal trouble if you ship any THC product without checking your regulations and THC content! 

Knowing your state’s regulations and the THC products you can ship can save you from getting into trouble with the authorities. 

A good rule of thumb is to ensure the product contains no more than 0.3% THC to ensure safe shipping. 

The Social Aspect Of Drinking THC Seltzers

THC sparking drinks are great to consume while you’re out socializing with friends at small and large gatherings.

Conversing with friends and family is always a fun experience, but having a THC-infused drink on one hand can further enhance the social event. 

They boost your social game by adjusting your moods to a more relaxing one. 

Medterra’s Daily Delight Social Tonic is a delectable seltzer to give you a soothing and comforting sensation for any chill social gathering. 

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