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From the Archives: Fassbinder & His Friends (1983)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder was the central German film director of the whole post-Hitler era. He was the greatest in terms of productivity (43 films in barely over a decade), range and impact on his own generation—both in Germany and abroad. The “New German Cinema” revival of the ’70s is unthinkable without him, and among his […]

From the Archives: Bushwick Bill for President (1996)

“I’m the biggest, toughest little brother you know,” raps Bushwick Bill on “Who’s the Biggest” from his latest album, Phantom of the Rapra. At 4′ 2″ tall, Bill has survived the ghettoes of Jamaica’s Trench Town, Brooklyn and Houston’s notorious Fifth Ward, as well as the barbs of everyone from David Geffen—who refused to release […]

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