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From the Archives: A Lifetime Supply of Peyote Magic (1977)

By J. F. Burke Most of my life it’s been boo, booze and blow. I didn’t get into trips until I was 42, in 1957, when a friend of mine in Santa Fe introduced me to peyote. A Taos Indian had given a dozen peyote buttons to each of several persons in Santa Fe’s art […]

From the Archives: Scoring in Los Angeles (1979)

By Victor Bockris I like to get what I need in the place I’m visiting, because scoring adds another dimension to the trip. I presumed it would be easy in L.A., but the first thing “Clarissa” said when I arrived at the airport was, “I hope you brought some of that good New York coke.” […]

From the Archives: Arteries and Conduits (1985)

They left T’s Jaguar on Third Avenue in a nice neighborhood so it’d be there when they returned, and took a battered VW bug down to the street. It was Friday, a busy time, and twilight was filling out rich and blue. A mild temperature and lack of precipitation gave the night a crispness Alvira […]

From the Archives: SMASHED! (1999)

Some bands owe marijuana a debt of gratitude for the inspiration the plant has provided them. In the case of San Jose, California quartet Smash Mouth, pot’s role in their success is far more direct. In the lean years before their 1997 retro-cool hit “Walkin’ on the Sun” launched them to the top of the […]

From the Archives: Smart People Glut U.S. Labor Market (1979)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Currently there are approximately 140,000 college graduates in America who can’t find work commensurate with their level of education. While through-out the ’60s and ’70s American colleges feverishly pumped out a steadily increasing volume of highly trained and educated people, the local market for their services has actually diminished, thanks to computerization and the […]

From the Archives: Who Owns the Sun? (1978)

By Dick Bell The battle lines over solar power are still being joined, and the struggle is a confusing array of the weak and the powerful, of shifting alliances and contradictory objectives and, most importantly, of the swirling together of two quite distinct revolutions, one technical and the other political. Is solar simply another energy […]

From the Archives: Mumia 911 (2000)

In his first major interview in four years, America’s most well-known and outspoken political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal, discusses his past, his counterculture roots with the Black Panther Party, and his hopes for a new trial and for the youth of tomorrow. Abu-Jamal, convicted of killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner, has been on Death Row […]

From the Archives: Phosphenes (1977)

By Peter Kaidheim “First, close your eyes. Now, with your index fingers at the inner edge of your eyeballs, press in and toward the temples. Press until it’s slightly painful and keep at it for about ten seconds.” “Like this?” “That’s right. Now what do you see?” “The darkness is disappearing. There’s a very bright […]

From the Archives: New York, Mon Amour (1979)

By Victor Bockris 1) At London’s Gatwick Airport, I went straight to the cafeteria, stationed myself at a deserted corner table, put an opium pellet on my tongue and washed it down with two cups of tepid tea, apparently a catalyst. On a jammed Laker flight to New York, I managed to read three novels […]

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