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Cannabis Plantation Burned by Indonesian Authorities After Discovered by Drones

The Associated Press reports that authorities in Indonesia burned a marijuana plantation “after it was discovered by drones.” “A joint team of the National Narcotic Agency, known as BNN, and the National Research and Innovation Agency using drones detected 4.5 hectares (11 acres) of land with an estimated 21,100 cannabis plants ready for harvest, said […]

Surf’s Up! Uruguayan Authorities Find Cocaine Smuggled Inside Surfboards

Law enforcement officials in Uruguay last week said they busted an international drug ring that had a gnarly way of smuggling its contraband: inside surfboards.  The BBC reports that Uruguayan police have arrested three Italians with the “help from counter-narcotics police in Spain, Portugal and Italy.”  “Sniffer dogs had alerted officers in Uruguay to six […]

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