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Study Shows Significant Brain Recovery Following Alcohol Abstinence

A study, published in August in the journal Alcohol, focused on how long-term abstinence can undo the effects of cortical thinning in the brain among those with alcohol use disorder. “Several cross-sectional investigations reported widespread cortical thinning in those with alcohol use disorder (AUD). The few longitudinal studies investigating cortical thickness changes during abstinence are […]

Study: Cannabis Users’ Empathy-Focused Brain Regions Have Stronger Connectivity

A bulk of cannabis users will attest to the fact that weed can indeed bring people together and help better foster a sense of mutual understanding and respect with one another. Science is just now catching up to in regard to a number of long-held anecdotal understandings surrounding cannabis use, with cannabis and empathy among […]

Research Shows Science Behind Psychedelics, Psychotherapy’s Ability To Cause Quick Brain Changes

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy merges the principles of talk therapy with the effects of psychedelics. Many people seeking help with depression, PTSD, anxiety, or other mental health conditions have tried one or the other.  Some notable research includes looking at the use of psilocybin, one of the psychoactive components of magic mushrooms, to treat anxiety experienced by […]

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