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Cannabeginners: What Are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Synthetic cannabinoids – they’re known by many names around the world, spice and K2 are the most common, but in Japan the street name is “dappou herb.” Simply put, these are man made chemicals that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system in a similar way to phytocannabinoids or endocannabinoids. Unfortunately, in many ways they are […]

Cannabeginners: The Fairfax Four-Way | High Times

While those of us on the West Coast have legendary homegrown cultivars like Haze and Blue Dream, for those veterans of the East Coast hippie music scene, the pinnacle of pot was the Fairfax Four-Way, hailing from Fairfax, Virginia. High Times spoke to two cannabis cultivators with deep Virginia roots who wanted to help introduce […]

Cannabeginners: The Adventures of Panama Red

Panama is a country most known for two things, the Panama Canal and Panama Red; while a lot is known about the canal, very little is conclusively known about the cannabis cultivar. High Times reached out to cultivators and did a deep dive into the available information about Panama Red to try and paint the […]

Cannabeginners: The History of Acapulco Gold

One of High Time’s 25 Greatest Strains of All Time, Acapulco Gold is a legendary cultivar that is so rare these days the gold in the name might as well be a reference to its scarcity, rather than its color. Yet it was once one of the most commonly found cultivars in the hippie days […]

Cannabeginners: The History of Romulan

Like many of the earliest cultivars bred in modern times, the exact origins and history of Romulan are more shrouded than the Jem’Hadar.  Who Created it? Like Blue Dream, the exact origins of Romulan are a bit of a mystery, but unlike Blue Dream, there is pretty wide consensus around who the original breeder was, […]

Cannabeginners: Celebrating Two Decades of Blue Dream

Haze. Skunk. OG. Cookies. There are some cultivars that take the cannabis market by storm and quickly come to define an era, and for Blue Dream, that era began around 2003 and lasted until around 2011 before market tastes changed and a new cultivar came to dominate. Yet, for a cultivar celebrating its twentieth anniversary […]

Cannabeginners: The History of Durban Poison

South Africa has a long tradition of cannabis cultivation and southern Africa is home to numerous landrace cultivars that many may never have heard of outside the region. For many years, Durban Poison was one of them, but thanks to the birth of Amsterdam’s coffee shops and the work of American cannabis enthusiasts, the whole […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis in Chile

Chile, the country, not to be confused with Chili (the food), is the longest north/south oriented country in the world, stretching across 39 degrees of latitudes, giving it plenty of climates for growing cannabis, and the traditional drug of choice, coca leaf. While Chile legalized medical cannabis before any other country in Latin America and […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis In South Africa

Cannabis is known by different names around the world; in South Africa, it is most commonly referred to as “dagga” (in Afrikaans) or “umthunzi wez’nkukhu” (in Zulu), which translates to “chicken shade.” While South Africa, like Japan, has a long history of cannabis cultivation, cannabis is not yet fully legal for adult use, but is […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis In Japan

Japan has a long history with plant medicines, including cannabis and psychedelics, but like most of the world, after WWII they were forced to change their drug laws to match those of the United States. Now, Japan is in a similar place to where the United States was back in the 1990s, with activists fighting […]

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