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U.K. Patients Flock to Medical Cannabis Clinics Due to ADHD Pill Shortage

Due to a shortage in stimulant-based drugs for ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), the U.K.’s limited medical cannabis industry is seeing a spike in patients using cannabis for relief as an alternative. The exodus of patients resorting to medical cannabis shows its growing need. The Guardian reported last September that doctors in England were told not to prescribe […]

DEA Cracks Down on Internet Pill Press Sales

The DEA issued a letter Monday directed at online retailers selling pill presses, informing them that they are required to report sales of these presses to the DEA. According to the DEA, pill presses are commonly used to disguise the deadly opioid fentanyl by replicating existing prescription medications. These replicated pills are then sold to […]

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