This U.S. Cannabis Company Is Targeting The German Retail Market: Sets Sights On Building Four Clubs – CBD Of Denver (OTC:CBDD)

Colorado-based CBD of Denver, Inc. CBDD announced Thursday that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Luxora, has taken a significant step into the European cannabis market by signing four Letters of Intent (LOIs) for the establishment and operation of four Cannabis Clubs in Germany.

Luxora’s CEO, Jan Schwager, expressed optimism, stating that the quick signing of these LOIs reflects strong demand in Germany for this concept.

“Luxora has been positioning itself to be a leader in this space, due to the depth of our diverse management experience and our vision which includes our recent acquisition of HolistiCH enabling the company to offer exclusive strains to its clients,” Schwager said in a press release. “The company believes this strategy will separate us from the other players in the market giving us a competitive advantage and creating a barrier to entry.”

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‘Production Facility Rental Model’

  • Luxora is introducing its innovative “Production Facility Rental Model” to support these clubs.
  • These production facilities will supply unique cannabis strains to the clubs, positioning Luxora for pending German legislation expected to legalize cannabis clubs.
  • In parallel, CBD of Denver is repositioning Berliner Innovation and adopting a “North American-style” social media approach to expand its product offerings in Europe and bolster its market presence.
  • The company attributes this early success to its strategic vision, which includes the recent acquisition of HolistiCH, enabling Luxora to provide exclusive cannabis strains to its clients, creating a competitive edge.

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Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

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