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Diversity In Illinois Cannabis Industry Soars Since Recreational Legalization, New Report Reveals

The Illinois cannabis industry has undergone significant changes in recent years regarding diversity and social equity, as evidenced by data provided by the Cannabis Regulation Oversight Officer (CROO). As first reported by Illinois News Joint, since the launch of adult-use marijuana sales in January 2020, the state’s legal cannabis landscape has become notably more diverse. See […]

Diversity in the Cannabis C-Suite Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Study Finds

Diversity among cannabis executives has returned to pre-pandemic levels. At least, that’s according to a new study, which combined surveys and data reports, and found that, as of today, around 39% of business owners in the industry are women, while some 24% are racial minorities – a step up from 2021 (22% and 13% respectively), […]

Rebounding To Pre-Pandemic Levels: Diversity In Cannabis Leadership Unveiled In New Report

“Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry,” the latest report from MJBizDaily, sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of diversity within the cannabis sector. According to Andrew Long, data analyst and author of the report, “Understanding how these groups respond to change is one of the reasons MJBizDaily continues to survey the industry on […]

Weed In Europe: Medical Marijuana In Ukraine, Albania’s Hemp, UK Cannabis Study Lacks Diversity

Ukraine: Healthcare Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Bill The second draft of a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Ukraine was approved by the country’s Healthcare Committee. Ukrainian MP and committee member Olga Stefanyshyna confirmed the Committee recommended the medical cannabis bill for a second reading in the parliament, reported The New Voice Of Ukraine. “Nearly a thousand amendments, dozens of […]

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