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Xzibit Opens Bel Air’s Only Cannabis Retail Store with Support for Students

The ritzy, upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Bel Air will welcome a new arrival: a cannabis store, run by rapper Xzibit, who proudly represents the West Coast. It’s the rapper’s latest foray into the cannabis sector after launching a cannabis-themed podcast and a cannabis brand Napalm. Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis (XWCC) opened its doors last month […]

Hunting the Best: Thoughts On Judging, Awards, and their Agency

Before we get into this I want to start by addressing an elephant in the room, but something I believe to be a fundamental truth, even if it’s not trendy right now: judging is an essential human act. It is wholly natural, from your surroundings to the things you consume, judging is instinctual – it’s […]

RAW Rolling Papers Manufacturer Reigns Triumphant in Trademark Dispute

A new decision of an appeal in a trademark dispute, initiated by the RAW Rolling Papers manufacturer, has widespread implications for the rolling paper industry that dismiss the claim that rolling papers are “drug paraphernalia.” It’s also good news for non-cannabis-touching companies that want to protect trademarks. BBK, manufacturer of RAW rolling papers, announced on […]

New Report Shows Data on Positive Truck Driver Drug Tests

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently released a report sharing new data on U.S. truck drivers. The report consists of a year-end compilation of data from 2023, as well as data specifically from December 2023, published by the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This includes other data regarding “queries conducted, […]

Drug Mixture Called ‘Kush’ in Sierra Leone Sometimes Contains Ground-Up Human Bones, Reports Say

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, a cheap smoking mix that causes a powerful high—made up of cannabis, fentanyl, tramadol, formaldehyde, and reportedly in some cases, ground-up human bones—is sweeping the city and nation as a whole. It’s less a “new drug” and it’s rather more like a new drug mix made by drug manufacturers cutting drugs […]

How To Navigate the Perils of Pre-Roll Automation

The world of pre-roll automation is a perilous one for cannabis operators. Get it right and you suddenly have a stronger, more sustainable business model. Invest in the wrong pre-roll machine, and you’re stuck with an expensive piece of junk that barely runs, compromising the financial stability of your operation. If you do choose the […]

Poll Finds Most Weed Consumers Would Vote for Pro-Cannabis Candidate Regardless of Party

A majority of cannabis consumers who are likely to vote in this fall’s general election say they would vote for a pro-cannabis candidate regardless of their party affiliation, according to the results of a recent survey. The poll, which was conducted by the medical marijuana telehealth platform NuggMD, found that 59% of likely voters who […]

Study: U.S. Medical Cannabis Laws Increase Patient’s Mental Health

Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland recently published a study on April 2 to analyze how medical cannabis legalization in the U.S. has affected the country and its patients’ well-being. Entitled “Medical marijuana laws and mental health in the United States,” researchers wanted to determine the effects of medical cannabis policies on patients […]

New York Bill Would Revoke Illicit Pot Shops Liquor, Tobacco Licenses

A New York state lawmaker is proposing legislation that would give regulators the authority to revoke the liquor, lottery and tobacco retailer licenses from stores that sell weed without a license. If passed, the legislation would go into effect immediately, giving officials new tools to combat the illicit pot shops that have proliferated since the […]

Updates for the High Times Hemp Cup 2024

We have an important High Times Hemp Cup 2024 update for everyone. Check out the details of our new timeline, early bird pricing, and what you need to do to get in on the judging action! Our many competitors submitted their products at the end of last month, and now we’re proud to announce the […]

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