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New Hampshire House Advances Recreational Pot Legalization Bill

The New Hampshire House of Representatives last week approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana as lawmakers revisit the issue of cannabis policy reform for the Granite State. The measure, House Bill 1633 (HB1633), was passed by the full House on Thursday by a vote of 239-14, although legislators who back cannabis legalization efforts offered […]

Idaho Bill Would Create Minimum $420 Fine for Possessing Small Amounts of Weed

Many would argue that the legalization of recreational cannabis across all 50 states is essentially inevitable at this rate. Some states without recreational cannabis laws in place are practically surrounded by others that have introduced reform.  Pennsylvania, for example, just saw Gov. Josh Shapiro calling on state legislators to get a move on and legalize. […]

Oklahoma Seeks To Ban Foreign Land Ownership Under New Bill

A newly introduced bill seeks to ban foreign ownership of land in Oklahoma in an attempt to curb illegal cannabis cultivation. House Bill 3125 was introduced to the Oklahoma House of Representatives earlier this month, and most recently on Feb. 19 it was recommended to the full Appropriations and Budget Natural Resources Subcommittee. HB-3125 is […]

Utah Bill Targets Cities That Refuse To Recognize Medical Pot

Two influential Utah state lawmakers have joined forces to advance legislation that would cut funding to cities that refuse to recognize medical marijuana as a legitimate medical therapy.  Utah voters approved the medical use of cannabis in a 2018 ballot measure that passed with nearly 53% of the vote. Following the passage of the initiative, […]

Medical Cannabis Bill Dies in Wisconsin Legislature

A Republican-led proposal to legalize medical cannabis in the state officially died on Thursday, and although the GOP speaker of the assembly indicated that “there will still be a public hearing to build support for passage next session,” per the Associated Press, that “won’t occur until after the Assembly has adjourned for this year.” Wisconsin […]

Illinois Lawmaker Files Psilocybin Therapy Legalization Bill

An Illinois state senator recently introduced a bill to legalize the supervised therapeutic use of psilocybin, the primary psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms. The legislation, known as the Compassionate Use and Research of Entheogens (CURE) Act, was introduced by Democratic Senator Rachel Ventura earlier this month. If passed, the legislation (Senate Bill 3695) would legalize […]

From the Archives: Bushwick Bill for President (1996)

“I’m the biggest, toughest little brother you know,” raps Bushwick Bill on “Who’s the Biggest” from his latest album, Phantom of the Rapra. At 4′ 2″ tall, Bill has survived the ghettoes of Jamaica’s Trench Town, Brooklyn and Houston’s notorious Fifth Ward, as well as the barbs of everyone from David Geffen—who refused to release […]

Arizona Bill Would Legalize Psilocybin Service Centers, Add to Current Research Efforts

As Arizona lawmakers push for increased psilocybin research, some are looking to take things a step further by joining the ranks of other states that have ushered in legal psilocybin therapy. A group of nine bipartisan lawmakers in the state are sponsoring the newly introduced bill which would legalize psilocybin service centers, allowing those in […]

Washington Bill Aims To Tackle Cannabis Store Robbery Spree

In a string of robberies, several cannabis retail shops have reported various tactics criminals have been using to get into their businesses in recent months. As these get worse, lawmakers are cranking up the punishments for people involved in such violent crimes. A bill proposal in Washington would tack on an extra year of jail […]

Alaska Lawmaker Introduces Psychedelics Task Force Bill

An Alaska lawmaker has introduced a bill to create a task force to study the potential medical uses of psychedelic drugs including psilocybin and MDMA. The legislation, Senate Bill 166, was introduced earlier this month by Democratic state Senator Forrest Dunbar. If passed by the legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy, […]

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