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Florida GOP’s Effort To Cap THC Goes Up in Smoke

A Republican-backed proposal in Florida to impose limits on THC potency in marijuana appears to have flamed out in the state’s legislative session. GOP lawmakers there introduced two measures –– House Bill 1269 and Senate Bill 7050 –– that would “sought to preemptively ban adults’ access to cannabis flower products containing more than 30 percent THC,” according […]

Jamaica Company Exports THC to U.S. for Analytic Testing

A cannabis company with operations based in Jamaica announced this week that it has successfully exported cannabis-derived THC products to the United States, where they will be tested at a facility licensed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The company, Pure Jamaican and its GMP-certified, licensed pharma manufacturer Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, said the shipment marks the […]

Connecticut Legal Loophole Allows THC Seltzers at Liquor Stores

Liquor stores in Connecticut—not licensed cannabis retail stores—are selling THC-infused drinks such as seltzers legally, due to a legal loophole regarding dosages listed on the cans. Cannabis retail stores are selling cans listed as one serving, but the same cans of cannabis-infused seltzer, usually running in sizes from 7.5 – 12 ounces, are labeled as […]

Delta 9 and Beyond: Your Guide to THC Gummies

Ready to take the plunge and enter the mind-bending world of THC gummies? It’s actually not quite as simple as that. There are different types of THC, each of which is capable of delivering a different kind of THC experience for users. So, with that in mind, we’ve created an easy-to-follow gummy guide for THC […]

Vermont Bill Would Drop THC Caps on Concentrates, Flower

Vermont law currently caps THC for cannabis flower and concentrates but that could soon change under a new bill packed with amendments to improve the state’s cannabis market. The Vermont Cannabis Control Board is asking lawmakers to drop the caps on the potency of cannabis and concentrates from state law, while the edibles caps would […]

Binoid’s 10 Best THC Gummies of 2024

We all know that THC gummies were a massive trend in 2023, offering all kinds of unique psychoactive cannabinoids in delicious gummy candy form.  Beloved for their long-lasting effects compared to other product types, gummies are no doubt going to continue dominating the market through 2024.   And, with that being said, we want to highlight […]

Newly Introduced Bill in Florida Proposes 10% Cap on Smokable THC Products

Florida Representative Ralph Massullo introduced House Bill 1269 on Jan. 5, which received its first reading on Jan. 9. If passed, the bill would implement limitations on potency in cannabis products specifically if adult-use cannabis is legalized. The bill proposes strict limitations for smoking products, concentrates, and edibles. “Marijuana for personal use may not have […]

DEA Notice Shows Increase in Research Amounts for THC, Psilocybin, DMT, and More

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) posted a notice on the Federal Register on Jan. 3, which includes the most recent breakdown of Schedule I Substances in its 2024 aggregate production quotas (APQ), as well as a wide variety of public comments and DEA responses. According to a Federal Register article published in November 2023, delta-9 […]

Product Review: THC High Energy Gummies by Simply Crafted

I’ve reluctantly become a cannabis fan because I love natural health. I had brief encounters with joints during my teenage years at parties but I’ve always been too concerned about the negative effects of smoking. As an adult, I found a partner who is passionate about cannabis. Slowly but surely, this partner introduced me to […]

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