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Bill To Ban Chemicals in Peeps Advances in California, Exposing Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

The original recipe for bright pink Peeps is at the center of a controversy involving potentially problematic chemicals found in many foods. While it’s generally understood that junk food contains poor ingredients, now we know more about which ones are particularly problematic, more specifically, potentially carcinogenic. A bill to ban four food-related chemicals including red […]

Federal Judge in Arkansas Blocks Hemp Cannabinoids Ban in Pivotal Ruling

The implications of a recent federal judge ruling have people in the industry asking: Did a federal judge just legalize help-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, HHC, THCP, and THCa flower? In a nutshell, a judge in Arkansas ruled that the 2018 Farm Bill takes legal precedence over an Arkansas state ban on hemp-derived cannabinoids, which […]

Arkansas Hemp Firms File Suit Against Delta-8 THC Ban

A group of hemp businesses has filed a legal action challenging a new Arkansas law that bans hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoids including delta-8 THC, arguing the statute violates the 2018 Farm Bill’s provisions that legalized hemp agriculture. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Little Rock on Monday by four hemp businesses, seeks an […]

Mastercard Announces Ban On Debit Card Transactions For Weed Purchases

Payment processing powerhouse Mastercard this week revealed the company is taking steps to prevent PIN-based debit card transactions for marijuana purchases, dealing a blow to a regulated cannabis industry already struggling with limited payment options for consumers. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that Mastercard, the world’s second-largest payment solutions provider, had informed financial institutions and other […]

Kevin Durant Says He Lobbied NBA To Drop Cannabis Ban

In his 15 seasons in the NBA, Kevin Durant has collected two championships and a most valuable player award, all while establishing himself as one of the greatest scorers to ever play the game.  But it turns out one of his most significant contributions to the league came off the court. And when he was […]

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approve Ban on New Cannabis Businesses Through 2028

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted on June 6 to implement a citywide halt on issuing new cannabis business licenses for the next four-and-a-half years. The 10 members of the board present at the time voted unanimously, although one person was absent. Supervisor Ahsha Safai was the driving force behind the moratorium, who emphasized […]

Cannabis Retail Ban Finally Lifted in Pasco, Washington

The city of Pasco, Washington this week officially lifted its ten-year ban on cannabis retailers, an historic change for that part of the state.  The city council there voted 5-3 on Monday in favor of zoning changes that will lift the ban, according to the Tri-City Herald.  The newspaper reports that the vote “marks the […]

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