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South African Police Won’t Arrest You for Growing Weed in Your House (Or Your Car)

The South African Police Service has confirmed that they will no longer be bothering to arrest anybody for personal-use cultivation or possession of cannabis. “In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted, therefore commercialization of cannabis is […]

Growing for Terpenes | High Times

When asked by my dear friend Ellen, the editor in chief of this publication, to resume writing for High Times I jumped at the request. As a journalist/educator and lifetime student I’ve always enjoyed diving into topics that I’ve covered for this magazine over the years and revisiting certain subjects as new science became available. […]

A Growing Divergence. How will Declining Acreage Impact Hemp’s Potential

By Beau Whitney, Chief Economist, Whitney Economics Hemp has been a hot topic as of late, even when it comes to adult-use and medical policies. Despite being separated legally, there seems to be an intersection when it comes to how cannabis and hemp can coexist. Despite these discussions, there is a lot of education that […]

Growing Hemp for the Future

New report highlights unique opportunity to build beneficial production systems for fiber hemp. Textile Exchange releases Growing Hemp for the Future: A Global Fiber Guide. The report looks at the production of fiber hemp around the world, identifying its benefits and concerns, providing recommendations to guide fiber hemp programs toward a resilient future. Since its […]

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