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South African Police Won’t Arrest You for Growing Weed in Your House (Or Your Car)

The South African Police Service has confirmed that they will no longer be bothering to arrest anybody for personal-use cultivation or possession of cannabis. “In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted, therefore commercialization of cannabis is […]

India: Man Dies in Police Custody After MDMA Arrest, Officers Suspended

Dear reader, we regret to inform you that the war on drugs has needlessly claimed another life, this time in southwest India where a man was arrested for MDMA possession shortly before dying in police custody. Several different Indian news outlets have reported that Thamir Jiffri, age 30, was arrested in the early morning hours […]

Cannabis Legalization Is Putting Police Dogs Out Of Work

Minnesota legalized cannabis, and as a result, some dogs are out of a job. Canine officers such as Jango, a 9-year-old German shepherd, and Cobra, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, are set to retire soon after the law goes into effect on August 1, Capt. Ryan Mangan said, according to USA Today.  These pups are the […]

Minneapolis Mayor Orders Police Stop Arrests for Psychedelics

Minneapolis, Minnesota is set to become a haven for people who turn to psychedelics for depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced that he had signed an executive order on July 21, supporting entheogenic plant practices and ordering law enforcement to deprioritize the practice of arresting people caught with psychedelic compounds. It’s […]

Tupac Shakur Murder Case Resurrected as Police Execute Search Warrant in Las Vegas

Tupac Shakur’s still-unsolved murder mystery was revived—over 30 years later after his murder at the peak of his career in 1996—as police agents in Las Vegas, Nevada executed a new search warrant Monday. A gunman in a white Cadillac rolled up and shot Shakur four times while he sat in a black BMW with Death […]

South Dakota Police Commission Approves Officer Applicants with Cannabis Records

Recently in South Dakota, two law enforcement officers were forgiven by the South Dakota Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission for cannabis use. According to the South Dakota Searchlight, the commission made decisions on more than a dozen pending certifications and recertifications, of “officers, canine units, and reciprocity for out-of-state or Indian Country officers seeking state […]

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