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Study: More Than 9 in 10 Smokable Hemp Products Test Above Federal THC Limit

The lack of standardized third-party testing, and overall regulation, is often cited in reference to the blossoming hemp-derived cannabinoid market. While plenty of consumers will attest to the power behind these products and there are surely plenty of companies doing their due diligence, there is simply less oversight with hemp compared to the legal cannabis […]

Iowa Legislature Passes Bill To Cap Potency of Hemp Products

The Iowa state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill to cap the THC potency of consumable hemp products, sending the measure to the desk of Republican Governor Kim Reynolds for consideration. The legislation, House File 2605, was passed by the Senate by a vote of 31-18 after receiving approval from the Iowa House of Representatives […]

Nebraska Bill Aims To Increase Taxes on CBD, Hemp Products by 100%

A recent property tax relief bill in Nebraska is seeking to create new income opportunities for the state, including a variety of sales tax exemptions. This includes adding sales taxes for products like candy and soda, as well as services such as pet care and grooming, but most importantly, adding a 100% tax to CBD […]

False Dosage Labels on 96% of Tested Amazon Hemp Products, Many With No Hemp or CBD

In the midst of blossoming cannabis and CBD reform throughout the West, hemp-derived cannabinoid products are increasingly taking center stage as legislators continue to raise red flags surrounding the lack of regulation and intoxicating potential of these products. Just in the past several months, a number of states have moved to introduce new policies to […]

State Attorneys General Ask Congress To Regulate Intoxicating Hemp Products

Nearly two dozen attorneys general from across the country wrote a letter to congressional leaders this week, urging them to enact legislation to federally regulate intoxicating hemp products. In the letter, the top law enforcement official from 21 states wrote that the legalization of hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill has resulted in “the proliferation […]

Georgia Lawsuit Claims 12 Cannabis Companies Mislead Consumers With Delta Products

On Feb. 6, a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Georgia by resident Hannah Ledbetter against 12 cannabis companies. The claim alleges that all of the companies mentioned have sold cannabis products as delta hemp products instead of cannabis products and is asking for a total of $150 million. The companies listed […]

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