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Arkansas Medical Cannabis Sales Set To Surpass Last Year’s Record Of $270M

The people of Arkansas spent $23.2 million on medical cannabis in July, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports. According to the Department of Finance and Administration, such recent spending is set to surpass the state’s record sales from last year. Scott Hardin, a spokesman for the Department of Finance, said July’s sales numbers demonstrate that Arkansas will exceed […]

Ohio Rec MJ Market Could Generate $275-403M in Taxes in First Five Years

Ohio just approved a statewide vote on adult-use cannabis on November’s upcoming ballot, and it’s looking like business would be booming should it be approved. A study published earlier this month by researchers at Ohio State University suggests that Ohio could generate between $275 million and $403 million by the fifth year of operations in […]

Uruguay’s Historic Legalization: Six Years, And More Than 10 Million Grams Later

This month marks six years since Uruguay launched legal recreational sales in the country, and newly released data illuminates how successful the cannabis program has been.  The South American country’s Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis released the figures, which were detailed by Forbes. Cannabis pharmacies in Uruguay “have sold 10,693,210 grams of marijuana […]

Number of Federal Cannabis Prisoners Has Decreased by 61% Over the Past Five Years

Recently the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that the percentage of people in federal prison for cannabis convictions has dropped 61% between 2013-2018. The data was featured in an article published on July 13, entitled “Sentencing Decisions for Persons in Federal Prison for Drug Offenses, 2013-2018.” BJS Director Dr. Alexis Piquero explained […]

Santa Monica, California’s First Licensed Dispensary Opens Years After Approval

Though delivery services and dozens of dispensaries are open close by, steps away in Venice and surrounding areas, Santa Monica, California’s first medical cannabis dispensary with a permit will open. Though Santa Monica falls smack dab in the middle of “America’s largest legal weed market,” the McReynolds firm reports that The City of Santa Monica […]

10 Years of Puffco: The New Peak Pro

This past weekend Puffco celebrated their 10 year anniversary, commemorating a decade evolving the hash consumption space. From humble beginnings to developing the industry-leading electronic rig experience, a lot has changed since 2013, not just for Puffco, but for the community at large.  You see, back in the day, hash culture was a much less […]

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