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Lawyers Suggest Prince Harry Could Have Exaggerated Drug Use Claims in Memoir ‘Spare’ To Boost Sales

Attorneys for the Biden administration contend that Prince Harry’s admissions in his best-selling 2023 memoir, Spare, of using cannabis, cocaine, and magic mushrooms don’t necessarily prove the royal’s drug use. The lawyers suggested that he might have exaggerated these claims to boost book sales, the Telegraph reports. Such arguments come after Prince Harry’s immigration status […]

Ex-President of Honduras Stands Trial, Accused of Taking Millions from Drug Cartels

A trial is underway in the United States to determine if the former president of Honduras is the anti-drug crusader he framed himself as while in power or a cartel puppet whose influence was used to traffic millions of dollars worth of drugs and firearms into the U.S. Ex-president Juan Orlando Hernandez began his trial […]

Drug Maker Unveils Experimental Drug as Opioid Alternative

A pharmaceutical company unveiled an experimental new drug that is being touted as a less dangerous alternative to opioids. To date, few drugs have demonstrated enough power to manage higher levels of pain often associated with post-surgery recovery. WXYZ Detroit, an ABC affiliate, reports that Vertex Pharmaceuticals said Tuesday the drug’s use in late-stage clinical […]

Drug Testing Access at Australian Festivals May Have Prevented Past Deaths

It’s already fairly well known that music festivals tend to come with plenty of illicit drug use. The activity is so common at festivals, and in dance scenes as a whole, that organizers and attendees alike are becoming increasingly more equipped to combat potential overdoses through a variety of measures. A new study published in […]

The Other Kind of Drug Test

There’s a longstanding and popular belief amongst our community that you can’t trust anyone who doesn’t get high. That a person in the circle who passes on the joint is an automatic flag on the field and a fifteen-yard penalty. Regardless of if you’re part of the industry, the community, or just a casual consumer, […]

19 Charged in Connection to Southern California Drug Trafficking Organization

Department of Justice indictments against an accused drug trafficking organization operating out of Southern California were unsealed Tuesday, revealing a vast criminal network which allegedly moved millions of dollars worth of drugs from California to Canada. According to a Department of Justice press release, the criminal network they targeted was responsible for trafficking hundreds of […]

Drug Maker Recalls ADHD Medicine Over Label Mixup

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week announced the voluntary recall of a medicine used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy after the manufacturer of the drug revealed that the wrong pills were found in packages of the medication. The recall covers one lot of the drug Zenzedi, an ADHD and […]

‘Peaky Blinders’ Paul Anderson Slapped with Fine in Drug Possession Case

Arthur Shelby is a troubled soul. The Peaky Blinders character must live under his younger brother, Thomas Shelby’s shadow, and deal with often hard-to-watch, but somehow, relatable, acts of violence, towards both others and himself, self-medicated with drugs and Jesus. And based on recent headlines (in the real world), it appears that, at least for […]

Leaders, International Authorities Unite After Historic Fiji Drug Bust

Police seized nearly five tons of methamphetamine in Fiji, equivalent to more than $2 billion in Fijian dollars (approximately $886.2 million USD). The first Jan. 14 raid resulted in seizure of more than three tons of meth at a warehouse on the western side of Fiji’s main island near the country’s main international airport, according […]

Tens of Thousands of Drug Arrests Reported in Sri Lanka Since December

Thousands of arrests of drug users and drug dealers have been reported in Sri Lanka in less than two months. According to reporting by the Associated Press, Sri Lankan authorities have initiated a crackdown operation on the drug trade in a country known widely for its role as an international narcotics trafficking hub. This crackdown, […]

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