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Psilocybin-Based Drug Candidate Gains Patent

Ahead of the competition, drug developers are locking in patents while the psychedelic renaissance takes the medical community by storm. Enveric Biosciences, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel drugs primarily for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction disorders, announced in a Sept. 20 press release that the United States Patent and […]

UN Report Calls for Drug Policies That Protect Human Rights, Reduce Harm

On Sept. 20, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council published the UN Human Rights Office Report regarding human rights issues that have developed due to the War on Drugs. This report was created by request of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in April 2023, and was introduced during the 54th […]

Bitcoin Mining Farm Discovered During Chile Drug Raid

A police raid in Santiago, Chile resulted in the seizure of multiple narcotics as well as the discovery of a Bitcoin mining operation, which local authorities said marked the first time such a glaring link between organized crime and cryptocurrency had been found in Chile. According to an article in El Mostrador, a Chilean newspaper, […]

Wealthy Countries Gave Over $1 Billion to Global Drug War, Shows New Report

A recent report from Harm Reduction International (HRI) sheds light on how richer countries like the United States and Europe continue to provide substantial foreign aid for the global War on Drugs. However, rather than addressing issues like poverty, hunger, healthcare, and education, this money is primarily allocated to law enforcement and military efforts. As […]

Orbiting Space Drug Factory Denied Re-Entry to Earth

The United States Air Force has denied re-entry and landing permission for a floating drug factory that has apparently been orbiting the Earth producing zero-gravity pharmaceuticals since June. Originally reported by TechCrunch, the in-space drug production capsule owned and operated by Varda Space Industries has been experimenting with making a certain kind of HIV medication […]

Washington State Pays Out $9.4 Million in Refunds Relating to Drug Convictions

In July, Washington State recently opened its online reimbursement center, called the Blake Refund Bureau, to cover court-ordered fines or costs in relation to drug possession convictions. Since then, the state has already approved reimbursements for a total of $276,000. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) launched the Blake Refund Bureau more than two […]

Son of Infamous Jimmy Chagra Arrested in Texas on Drug Charges

Infamous (and now deceased) El Paso drug trafficker Jimmy Chagra’s son, 44-year-old Jamiel Alexander Chagra Nichols, was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine, fentanyl, and LSD. Some of his clients included Fort Bliss soldiers, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials said.  The El Paso Times reports that the special agents arrested Nichols on Friday, August […]

Rep. Greg Steube Unveils Bill To Deport Prince Harry, Other Immigrants for Alleged Drug Use

Last week, Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) introduced the Substance and Possession Abuse Restrictions for Entrance (SPARE) Act to ramp up enforcement of visa laws by permanently banning immigrants from the U.S. who are accused of lying about drug use. And the alleged criminal who was specifically named in the bill? Prince Harry. “The Biden administration […]

New Jersey Officer Reinstated After Being Fired For Positive Cannabis Drug Test

A police officer in Jersey City, New Jersey was fired for testing positive for THC in a drug test. Last week, that officer was reinstated to his position with back pay. Norhan Mansour was fired well after Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis in New Jersey in 2021 (with sales beginning […]

Mexican Drug Cartels Are Using Monster Trucks Like Killing Machines

If you’ve ever listened to country music (there’s no shame in embracing your inner redneck), you’ve likely heard about cowboys modifying their trucks to have as much Big Dick Energy as possible. And when the rapper DMX died (rest in power) in 2021, his brilliant red casket was carried around his home city, New York, […]

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