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Future’s Monster Kush First Evol Strain To Enter Nevada Market

Future’s cannabis brand Evol is now available in Nevada in partnership with cultivator Redwood Cultivation, a Sept. 22 announcement reads. After first being announced last April, then conquering California, Nevada marks the next strategic step in expanding Evol to the next state on the list. As of last Friday, adults in Nevada can purchase eighths […]

Young Cannabis Entrepreneurs Discover Untapped Market, and Offering Legal THC Products Tailored to Consumers’ Moods

While some may believe cannabis can bring people closer to God, others think it’s the Devil’s Grass. Almost half of America’s states, 23 to be exact — including Virginia, Arizona, and, most recently, Minnesota— have chosen to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Others, like South Carolina and Wyoming, deem it illegal, subject to jail […]

This U.S. Cannabis Company Is Targeting The German Retail Market: Sets Sights On Building Four Clubs – CBD Of Denver (OTC:CBDD)

Colorado-based CBD of Denver, Inc. CBDD announced Thursday that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Luxora, has taken a significant step into the European cannabis market by signing four Letters of Intent (LOIs) for the establishment and operation of four Cannabis Clubs in Germany. Luxora’s CEO, Jan Schwager, expressed optimism, stating that the quick signing of these LOIs […]

High Times Unveils Deal with Nasdaq-Listed Lucy Scientific Discovery to Enter Public Market

Celebrating a milestone in its nearly 50-year history of informing readers and bringing cannabis culture to the masses, Hightimes Holding Corp. announced today the culmination of a years-long ambition: to bring the cultural cornerstone to the public markets. The time has come. Via a strategic transaction with Lucy Scientific Discovery (NASDAQ: LSDI), High Times stockholders […]

Shooting Sours Copenhagen’s Open Hash Market Haven

Copenhagen, Denmark’s autonomous neighborhood commune of Christiania (or Freetown Christiania) has tolerated soft drug use for decades on Pusher Street, its main market, but a recent shooting might complicate things for its open hash trade. On Sept. 4, the mayor of Copenhagen on Monday urged foreign tourists not to buy cannabis in the city’s Christiania […]

From the Archives: Smart People Glut U.S. Labor Market (1979)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Currently there are approximately 140,000 college graduates in America who can’t find work commensurate with their level of education. While through-out the ’60s and ’70s American colleges feverishly pumped out a steadily increasing volume of highly trained and educated people, the local market for their services has actually diminished, thanks to computerization and the […]

Ohio Rec MJ Market Could Generate $275-403M in Taxes in First Five Years

Ohio just approved a statewide vote on adult-use cannabis on November’s upcoming ballot, and it’s looking like business would be booming should it be approved. A study published earlier this month by researchers at Ohio State University suggests that Ohio could generate between $275 million and $403 million by the fifth year of operations in […]

North America Dominates Seed Market, Report Indicates

With home grow on the rise and a growing understanding of cannabis genetics, the cannabis seed market is undergoing its glory days. Allied Market Research provides a report showing the growth backed by data gathered by its team of analysts, who focus on multiple markets. The global cannabis seed market size was valued at $1.3 […]

Black Market Thrives in Morocco’s Rif Mountains

Cannabis resin world capital Morocco is struggling to reconcile its historical but illegal cannabis production region with the emerging legal market. According to the United Nations (UN) Office on Drugs and Crime, the northern Rif Mountains region is the world’s top producer of cannabis resin. Cannabis has been tolerated in Morocco’s kingdom for hundreds of […]

Combatting Rampant Chauvinism In The Cannabis Market: A Two-Step Guide For Men (And Everyone Else)

Societal structures cast long shadows and cultural chauvinism infiltrates all sectors of society and business. The cannabis industry, once seemingly a paragon of modern inclusivity, has regrettably reflected traditional patriarchal imbalances as well, relegating women to the margins. Such skewed representation necessitates an unyielding commitment to raising awareness and instigating tangible change. It underscores the […]

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