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Two People Charged for Pot Every Hour, Every Day in Kentucky, Data Shows

Despite the dramatic shift in opinion about cannabis in America, Kentucky law enforcement agents continued to charge people with cannabis-related charges at a steady rate, in tandem with offenses across the board. According to analysis of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) data, more than 300,000 people in Kentucky have been charged with […]

Doja Drops Bring Weed to the People

When the Hollywood Strain Premiere Party initially launched in the summer of last year, it was the place to be when it came to weed in Los Angeles. For an event that had no public advertising and for which the address and method for entering were a secret, attendance was regularly packed. Smokers looking for […]

The 70,000 People Trapped at Burning Man by Weather Can Finally Leave

The tens of thousands of people stranded at Burning Man began their mass exodus on Monday after a massive storm and flooding kept Burners stranded. Burning Man is an annual event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, typically unfolding during the final days of August and the commencement of September. Burning Man is all […]

From the Archives: Smart People Glut U.S. Labor Market (1979)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Currently there are approximately 140,000 college graduates in America who can’t find work commensurate with their level of education. While through-out the ’60s and ’70s American colleges feverishly pumped out a steadily increasing volume of highly trained and educated people, the local market for their services has actually diminished, thanks to computerization and the […]

The Thin Green Line: Who Raised You F***ing People?

Many years ago I set out on a journey far from home, one which almost everybody I loved and respected begged me not to embark on. Still, I hobbled West toward Humboldt County in my little red pickup truck in search of mountains littered with cannabis fields and luscious emerald green forests stretching all the […]

Study: As Cannabis Reform Spreads, Young People Still Try Tobacco, Alcohol First

It goes without saying that spreading reform and adult-use legalization over the past decade is transforming the way we look at cannabis and increasing its accessibility. Throughout this new journey, the opposition has regularly brought up concerns around increased underage access. While many studies have already worked to debunk that more legal cannabis innately means […]

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