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Stop Screwing With Humboldt Farmers

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity to read as dope as possible.  Hey, I’m Mike Glazer. I visited Humboldt with comedians Billy Wayne Davis, Frank Castillo, and Mike McGowan to do a standup show about stopping Measure A. If you live in Humboldt, don’t vote for it next March. It’s bad. Before […]

Report: Texas Law Enforcement Won’t Stop Raiding Hemp Shops

When Congress legalized industrial hemp in 2018, it prompted a tidal wave of CBD-based products while also eliminating a front in the war on drugs.  But in Texas, some local law enforcement officials continue to fight the old battle, as a report this week in the Dallas Observer highlights. The story details a recent raid […]

Major Drug Test Supplier To Stop Testing for Cannabis, Prioritize Fentanyl

A major supplier of drug testing kits has announced an updated screening panel which no longer tests for cannabis and prioritizes testing for fentanyl.  Psychemedics, a Massachusetts-based producer of drug testing kits announced Friday that they would be launching a new five-panel drug screen which will “[shift] the spotlight from marijuana to the paramount threat […]

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