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University Of Minnesota Launches Cannabis Research Center

The University of Minnesota last week launched the new Cannabis Research Center, only six months after the institution was authorized by the state’s marijuana legalization statute. The center, which was established as part of the university’s School of Public Health, will work to assess the impact of cannabis legalization in Minnesota and advise policymakers as […]

Kentucky Considers Funding Ibogaine Research as Possible Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Kentucky will be hosting a summit in La Grange on November 30 to offer state residents the chance to learn about ibogaine, a psychedelic substance suspected to have potential in helping patients with treatment-resistant substance abuse disorder.  Kentucky has a big problem with opiate abuse. A 2019 study predicted that  5.9% of the state’s population […]

Massachusetts Governor Unveils Veterans Psychedelics Research Bill

Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey last week filed legislation to increase benefits and modernize services for the state’s military veterans that includes a proposal to study the medical benefits of psychedelic drugs. The bill, known as an Act Honoring, Empowering and Recognizing Our Servicemembers and Veterans (HERO Act), was unveiled on November 9 by Healey […]

New AI Model Can Identify Designer, Research Drugs on the Fly

A prestigious science award has been given to a man who created a new generative AI language model capable of identifying the exact chemical structure of designer drugs, even drugs that have not been tested on humans yet.  The winning entry for the 2023 NOMIS & Science Young Explorer competition was a new AI language […]

Canadian Senate Calls on Government To Improve Psychedelic Research for Veterans

The Canada Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs held a press conference on Nov. 8 to talk about its newest report on psychedelic-assisted therapy. Entitled “The Time is Now: Granting equitable access to psychedelic-assisted therapies,” the report calls for “immediately launch and fund a large-scale research program on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for treating those mental disorders and […]

Research Shows Science Behind Psychedelics, Psychotherapy’s Ability To Cause Quick Brain Changes

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy merges the principles of talk therapy with the effects of psychedelics. Many people seeking help with depression, PTSD, anxiety, or other mental health conditions have tried one or the other.  Some notable research includes looking at the use of psilocybin, one of the psychoactive components of magic mushrooms, to treat anxiety experienced by […]

Research On Cannabis, Yoga Suggests That Setting Influences Mental Health Benefits

In a recent study from the University of British Columbia, researchers have unveiled new insights into the relationship between cannabis consumption and yoga. The study indicates that individuals who practice yoga after using cannabis may experience enhanced mindfulness and a heightened sense of mysticality. The research, which originated as a psychology dissertation, examined “the impact […]

New Research Exploring Psychedelics as a Treatment for Anxiety in Cancer Patients

The use of psychedelics as a treatment for serious mental health conditions continues to gain traction as multiple studies focus on the psychological symptoms commonly experienced by cancer patients. In one study, researchers at the University of Washington are exploring the use of psilocybin, one of the psychoactive components of magic mushrooms, to treat anxiety […]

New Research Paper Showcases History of Cannabis Use, Including Necromancy

A recent paper published in the European Journal for Chemistry explores the historical use of cannabis and its versatility. Entitled “From ancient Asian relics to contemporaneity: A review of historical and chemical aspects of Cannabis,” researchers Gabriel Vitor de Lima Marques and Renata Barbosa de Oliveira from the Brazil-based Federal University of Minas Gerais’ Department […]

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