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Cheap Schemes and Big Tobacco Tricks: The Recipe for White Ash

The white ash conversation has been positively insufferable. Heady bois and cannabis connoisseurs from coast to coast have been posting videos of their ash on Instagram for what feels like years now, indicating that they’re smoking top shelf product solely based on the color of the ash. As much as I hate to disappoint, not […]

New Mexico Governor Signs Psilocybin Memorial Legislation

Psilocybin proposal Senate Memorial 12 (SM-12) was recently signed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. SM-12 is referred to as memorial legislation, which is more of an official request for research, unlike other bill proposals. “A memorial requesting the Department of Health to study the efficacy of using psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic treatments and the establishment […]

German Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Cannabis

Germany’s lower house of parliament voted last week to legalize the consumption and cultivation of cannabis by adults, although the measure passed by the Bundestag does not permit commercial sales of recreational marijuana. The legislation legalizes cannabis clubs, however, allowing groups of no more than 500 adults to collectively grow weed for personal use by […]

Metrc Announces Cannabis Track-and-Trace Contract With Kentucky

The track-and-trace software Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (Metrc) is one of the most popular options for states to monitor cannabis plants from seed to sale. It currently serves a handful of regions in the U.S., including 22 states (including 2 separate contracts in Colorado), as well as the District of Columbia and Guam. On […]

Strange Times in the Triangle Pt. 2: When the Ground Collapsed Beneath Our Feet

Evidence of the demise of the American Dream has become far too ugly and obnoxious to ignore. From the sky-high cost of baseline living as the result of insatiable corporate greed, to gruesome taxpayer-funded human slaughter via proxy wars, to every other damned terrible goings-on in this hopelessly weird time, I cannot help but reflect […]

Study: Higher Dose of Naloxone Didn’t Save More Lives

A higher dose version of naloxone, the nasal spray used to reverse opioid-induced overdoses, did not lead to more saved lives, according to a new study published earlier this month. The findings, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, indicated that “no significant differences were found in the survival of aided persons” in […]

Local Bank To Become First To Fully Serve Guam’s Cannabis Industry

Bank of Guam announced in a press release on Wednesday that the launch of “Cannabis Banking” will give it a “platform [to allow] cannabis clients the ability to share data from their day-to-day business activities, such as sales, inventory and required licensing documentation.”  According to The Guam Daily Post, “Cannabis Banking” will make the institution […]

Does Cannabis Share Psychedelic Properties? A Comparative Study with LSD Reveals Insights

LSD and psilocybin are known for their capacity to enhance the complexity or “diversity” of brain activity. But does THC work in the same way? Contrary to LSD and what are traditionally termed “classic psychedelics,” THC mimics the action neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters reversely transmit signals across brain synapses, crucial in controlling neuronal […]

Smoking Surpasses Injection as Leading Ingestion Method in Overdose Deaths

More Americans are overdosing and dying by smoking illegal drugs as opposed to injecting them. Of the 109,000 recorded overdose deaths which occurred in 2022, almost 70 percent involved fentanyl and a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that fentanyl users are beginning to favor smoking as their preferred method […]

Medical Cannabis Bill Dies in Wisconsin Legislature

A Republican-led proposal to legalize medical cannabis in the state officially died on Thursday, and although the GOP speaker of the assembly indicated that “there will still be a public hearing to build support for passage next session,” per the Associated Press, that “won’t occur until after the Assembly has adjourned for this year.” Wisconsin […]

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