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Psilocybin-Based Drug Candidate Gains Patent

Ahead of the competition, drug developers are locking in patents while the psychedelic renaissance takes the medical community by storm. Enveric Biosciences, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel drugs primarily for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction disorders, announced in a Sept. 20 press release that the United States Patent and […]

India Carves Out Its Own Lane in the Shroom Boom

The first mushroom festival in India took place September 15-18 in the verdant and fungally diverse tropical forests of Wayanad in the southern state of Kerala. The inaugural Shroom Sabha attracted mycophiles from all corners of the subcontinent, and struck an acute balance between professionalism and playfulness that brought out the best of each quality.  […]

From the Archives: A Lifetime Supply of Peyote Magic (1977)

By J. F. Burke Most of my life it’s been boo, booze and blow. I didn’t get into trips until I was 42, in 1957, when a friend of mine in Santa Fe introduced me to peyote. A Taos Indian had given a dozen peyote buttons to each of several persons in Santa Fe’s art […]

The Search for the Next Great Strain

Halle Pennington wears a loose white shirt resembling a lab coat and counts out 5,000 cannabis seeds with a machine typically used for sorting diamonds. The seeds per weight, she says, are equivalent to the price of gold. We’re in the headquarters of Humboldt Seed Company on the second stop of a multi-week tour that […]

Dropping Acid Doesn’t Mean You’re Psychedelic

I was in Goa—the hippie headquarters of the world, where the jungles come to life with all night psytrance parties, where the shores of the Arabian Sea are dotted with with drum circles and beachside acro-yoga, where travelers come for a week and stay for a year, flocking to ecstatic dance and meditation retreats, or […]

Is Weed Education Resonating With the Public?

There aren’t many unifying factors across the cannabis community these days. What once seemed like a largely in-lock-step group has splintered over the years. Still, one of the rare agreements reached across the spectrum is that the education gap persists.  The education gap essentially boils down to what is accurate and inaccurate about the plant […]

Herd of Sheep Devour Hundreds of Pounds of Pot in Greece

A herd of sheep grazing near Almyros in the Thessaly region Greece invaded a medical cannabis greenhouse and ate at least a hundred kilograms of pot, local reports say. The incident was spurred by displaced livestock in Greece after Storm Daniel ripped through the Mediterranean country. NPR reports that over 600 pounds of cannabis were […]

Lucho SSJ: De Joven Promesa del Freestyle a la Masividad de Spotify

Nota por Enrique D. Fernández publicada originalmente en El Planteo. Más artículos por El Planteo en High Times en Español. Síguenos en Instagram (@El.Planteo) y Twitter (@ElPlanteo). Con tan solo 21 años, Lucho SSJ ya cuenta con una carrera establecida en el mundo de la música urbana. No se trata de una revelación, porque lleva años rondando en la […]

MAPS Study Shows Benefits of Using MDMA To Treat PTSD

On Sept. 13, information about the results of a new Phase 3 Trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD treatment was published by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Substances (MAPS). The organization announced that the results of its MAPP2 study have been peer reviewed by the experts with the journal Nature Medicine. The study analyzed the […]

UN Report Calls for Drug Policies That Protect Human Rights, Reduce Harm

On Sept. 20, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council published the UN Human Rights Office Report regarding human rights issues that have developed due to the War on Drugs. This report was created by request of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in April 2023, and was introduced during the 54th […]

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