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Spring Planting Tips | High Times

Spring is a time of rebirth, and the planting season is always fun as you sow the beginnings of a journey that ends in fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, or flowers like cannabis. In certain parts of the world, like California, the spring planting season comes early. This can be both a blessing and a curse […]

March Sales Top $288M In Another Record-Breaking Month For Michigan Cannabis Industry

Michigan’s cannabis industry achieved a new record in March, with sales soaring to approximately $288.8 million. This figure represents a remarkable 15.7% increase compared to March 2023’s total sales of about $249.7 million.  A Closer Look At Sales Dynamics According to Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency statistical report, the dynamics of adult and medical cannabis sales […]

Senate Bill Calls for Action To Free Americans Detained in Russia

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin introduced Senate Resolution 629 on April 8 which condemns the “arbitrary arrest” of U.S. citizens in Russia, and calls for detained or imprisoned U.S. citizens to be released. The introduction of SR-629 was timed with the one-year anniversary of Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal correspondent who was imprisoned in […]

Xzibit Opens Bel Air’s Only Cannabis Retail Store with Support for Students

The ritzy, upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Bel Air will welcome a new arrival: a cannabis store, run by rapper Xzibit, who proudly represents the West Coast. It’s the rapper’s latest foray into the cannabis sector after launching a cannabis-themed podcast and a cannabis brand Napalm. Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis (XWCC) opened its doors last month […]

American Senior Arrested in Colombia for ‘Cannabis Tours’

A 73-year-old American man was arrested in Colombia this week for leading “cannabis tours” in his home. Per CBS News, citing Colombian law enforcement, the unidentified man “advertised on social media and a website for foreigners to visit his house in Sabaneta, a town south of the city of Medellín in the northwestern part of […]

U.K. Researchers Report Finding Xylazine in Illicit Weed Vapes

Researchers in the United Kingdom have detected the presence of the powerful sedative xylazine in cannabis vapes and illicit pills taken to treat pain, insomnia and anxiety, putting people who use the tainted drugs at risk of overdose or other serious health consequences. The prevalence of xylazine has been growing since 2022, according to researchers […]

Alabama Bill Would Reboot Medical Cannabis Licensing Process

The Alabama Senate Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee (SACFC) recently passed a bill to finally get the state’s medical cannabis program rolling. Sen. Tim Melson is the legislator who sponsored Senate Bill 46 three years ago, which eventually was passed into law as the Medical Cannabis Act 2021-450 after Gov. Kay Ivey signed it in […]

Hunting the Best: Thoughts On Judging, Awards, and their Agency

Before we get into this I want to start by addressing an elephant in the room, but something I believe to be a fundamental truth, even if it’s not trendy right now: judging is an essential human act. It is wholly natural, from your surroundings to the things you consume, judging is instinctual – it’s […]

Con Artist Invented Fictional Pot Businesses, Hemp Farm To Scam Over $18M

A handful of CBD and cannabis companies turned out to be figments of the imagination as a con artist successfully duped investor after investor, but his conning spree has come to an end. A California man pleaded guilty April 5 to a slew of federal criminal charges for swindling investors out of $18.4 million. He […]

German Officials Consider Cannabis Ban at Oktoberfest

Weed is finally legal in Germany, but it may still be verboten at one of the country’s signature events. According to Forbes, the “German federal state of Bavaria is considering the possibility of restricting cannabis use at the famous Oktoberfest following the legalization of cannabis for personal use.” “Bavaria government aims to restrict public spaces for […]

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