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The Future of Hemp is Bright. But is the Industry Ready?

While hemp has faced significant challenges over the last several years, opportunities are on the horizon. Despite low acreage now, the future of hemp is bright  In 2019, there were close to 525,000 acres licensed for hemp cultivation. Acres licensed for hemp were below 70,000 in 2022, which is the lowest acreage since the passage […]

Catalonia Crackdown: Spanish Region Reins In Cannabis Industry

A riveting piece published on Wednesday by Reuters brought into focus the response from law enforcement to illicit cannabis production and trafficking in the Spanish region of Catalonia. “Heavily-armed police officers arrived in a well-to-do Barcelona suburb before dawn to raid a two-storey house that turned out to be packed with 800 marijuana plants growing […]

Exploring Prague, Cologne, Antwerp and Brussels in the Industrial Hemp Industry

The industrial hemp industry has witnessed growth, decline, turbulence and chaos in recent years, propelled by the increasing acceptance and legalization of cannabis-related products. As professionals in this dynamic sector, we found that attending hemp and cannabis business conferences in captivating European cities like Prague and Brussels can prove to be an invaluable opportunity for […]

New Report Examines Pre-roll Industry Growth

Custom Cones USA partnered with cannabis data company Headset to publish a white paper about product popularity among its customers. Entitled “The State of the Pre-Roll Industry,” the report explores multiple facets of pre-rolls, from rising sales growth to generation interest and methods of creation, packing, and more. “This white paper demonstrates the continued growth […]

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