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Flower Expo Announces Michigan Cannabis Trade Show in 2024

Flower Expo Michigan will take place August 7-8, 2024, in Allegan, Mich., marking the Premier B2B Cannabis Trade Show’s first expansion to a new state. The show falls about two months after the second iteration of Flower Expo Massachusetts, which will be held on June 5-6 in Greenfield, Mass. Courtesy Flower Expo Flower Expo’s Massachusetts […]

Power of the Wonder Flower

Super Mario Bros. games have always been fun for people of all ages, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes players on a delightful new journey that we can’t help but think was inspired by substances of the psychedelic variety. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is fun for everyone, but should you choose to imbibe while playing, […]

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Is a Hidden Commentary on True Crime

*Includes spoilers. In the 1870s, the United States government forced a Native American tribe known as the Osage off their ancestral lands on the Great Plains to create space for white settlers. Relegated to a small, inarable reservation in northeast Oklahoma, the Osage – meaning “People of the Middle Waters” – would have followed their […]

Living Soil THCa Flower: New Way To Get High?

In the vast, ever-expanding universe of cannabis, innovation is the beating heart that keeps our community vibrant and thriving. It’s where ancient, earth-friendly practices merge with cutting-edge techniques to create something truly exceptional. Today, we’re diving into the world of Living Soil THCa Flower cultivation, a phenomenon that embraces the essence of organic farming while […]

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