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Weed Isn’t Legal If You Can’t Smoke It

One of the worst things happening during this wave of cannabis reform across America is the poor being left on the beach without a mechanism to legally smoke a little weed.  The biggest factors contributing to this are bans on consumption besides anywhere but a private residence. Furthermore, sometimes you can’t consume in a multi-unit […]

Young Cannabis Entrepreneurs Discover Untapped Market, and Offering Legal THC Products Tailored to Consumers’ Moods

While some may believe cannabis can bring people closer to God, others think it’s the Devil’s Grass. Almost half of America’s states, 23 to be exact — including Virginia, Arizona, and, most recently, Minnesota— have chosen to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Others, like South Carolina and Wyoming, deem it illegal, subject to jail […]

Pennsylvania Navigates Legal Distinction Between Pot-Infused Gummies and Chewables

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Advisory Board recently debated and voted on what, at least to the ears of a stoner, sounds like a waste of taxpayer money: whether edibles are legal based on whether you chomp, swallow, or let it sit (no sexual jokes are included in this article).  In Pennsylvania, the legality of edibles […]

Cannabis Odor Sparks Legal Battle Impacting California Real Estate, Lawsuit Alleges Nuisance

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis, a nonprofit in Santa Barbara County, has filed a lawsuit against several cannabis cultivators, including Ceres Farms, Valley Crest Farms and the Van Wingerden Family Trust. The lawsuit alleges that these growers are causing a significant public nuisance due to their inadequate odor abatement practices, highlighting the persistent problem of the […]

Congressman Introduces Bill To Withhold Federal Funding From States With Legal Weed

Rep. Chuck Edwards, who represents a district in western North Carolina, unveiled the “Stop Pot Act” on Friday, saying that the bill “will withhold 10 percent of federal highway funds for governments that violate federal law under the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits recreational marijuana and classifies it as a Schedule I drug.” The legislation […]

Harlem Set To Open First Legal Dispensary

It is a celebratory time in one of New York City’s most historic neighborhoods, which will open its first legal marijuana dispensary next week.  The dispensary, known as Gotham Buds, has a “tentative grand opening” scheduled on September 5 at its location just across the street from the iconic Apollo Theater, according to CBS New […]

Legal Cannabis Pilot Program Officially Launches in Zurich, Switzerland

In Switzerland, a pilot program called “Züri Can – Cannabis with Responsibility” officially began on Aug. 22 and will run for three years, concluding in 2026. According to Swissinfo, a multilingual news source based in Sweden, participants may purchase cannabis at nine pharmacies and six social clubs, but can only consume them in private rooms, […]

The BFG: The 20,000MG Legal THC Gummy

Introducing the BFG, the largest (legal) THC gummy in history — you can go ahead and guess what the initials stand for with that information. Great for sharing or portioning out as desired, this enormous THC gummy is packed with delta 9, delta 8, and other in-demand cannabinoids, to offer you a phenomenally potent product that […]

Health Insurance Premiums Decrease in States With Legal Medical Cannabis

A new study featured online in The International Journal of Drug Policy (which will be included in the September 2023 issue of the journal) shows evidence that states with legal medical cannabis have lowered health insurance premiums. The study authors included professors from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Illinois State University, and Eastern Michigan […]

States With Legal Weed See Drop in Mental Health Treatment

States that have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults have also seen a drop in mental health treatment admissions, according to newly published research. The findings, which came in a study published last month in the journal Health Economics, were based on data from ten states that have legalized adult-use cannabis.  “Recreational marijuana laws (RMLs) […]

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