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Florida GOP’s Effort To Cap THC Goes Up in Smoke

A Republican-backed proposal in Florida to impose limits on THC potency in marijuana appears to have flamed out in the state’s legislative session. GOP lawmakers there introduced two measures –– House Bill 1269 and Senate Bill 7050 –– that would “sought to preemptively ban adults’ access to cannabis flower products containing more than 30 percent THC,” according […]

Cannabeginners: What is Pinene? | High Times

While many growers talk about their plants as being “trees,” most cannabis doesn’t actually taste like tree leaves or pine needles, that is, unless it is rich in pinene. This terpene is one of the most common terpenes in the natural world and is responsible for pine trees and other conifers, as well as many […]

Can Cannabinoids Help People Wean Off Opioids?

Doctors desperately need tools to battle the opioid epidemic, and they’re turning to cannabinoids for new ways to approach the problem of opioid use disorder (OUD). Recently researchers aimed to create an open-access framework designed to help people wean off and eventually replace opioids with cannabinoids as an alternative.  Last August, a study provided a […]

Ex-President of Honduras Stands Trial, Accused of Taking Millions from Drug Cartels

A trial is underway in the United States to determine if the former president of Honduras is the anti-drug crusader he framed himself as while in power or a cartel puppet whose influence was used to traffic millions of dollars worth of drugs and firearms into the U.S. Ex-president Juan Orlando Hernandez began his trial […]

Idaho Bill Would Create Minimum $420 Fine for Possessing Small Amounts of Weed

Many would argue that the legalization of recreational cannabis across all 50 states is essentially inevitable at this rate. Some states without recreational cannabis laws in place are practically surrounded by others that have introduced reform.  Pennsylvania, for example, just saw Gov. Josh Shapiro calling on state legislators to get a move on and legalize. […]

Cannabis Vlogger Paul Tokin Has Died

High Times has learned that Paul Tokin, an early online cannabis vlogger behind the YouTube channel Tokin Daily, passed away in December 2023. In an interview before his passing Paul explains that his YouTube channel, which began in 2006, started with videos that showed processes around growing cannabis.  “Prior to doing Tokin Daily I started […]

Ukraine Introduces Medical Pot To Aid in Healing Trauma of Conflict with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has formally enacted legislation to legalize medical marijuana in a move that he and other leaders believe will assist soldiers in healing from both physical and psychological injuries suffered in the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia. As of January 2, 2024, per Russia Matters, a project launched by Harvard University, Ukraine’s […]

U.S. Virgin Islands Push Rec Industry Forward, Approve Adult-Use MJ Regulations

The United States has seen immense progress surrounding recreational cannabis reform over recent years, and while a number of countries across the globe are currently working to catch up, so too are U.S. territories like the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean and consist of main islands Saint Croix, Saint John, […]

Georgia Lawsuit Claims 12 Cannabis Companies Mislead Consumers With Delta Products

On Feb. 6, a lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Georgia by resident Hannah Ledbetter against 12 cannabis companies. The claim alleges that all of the companies mentioned have sold cannabis products as delta hemp products instead of cannabis products and is asking for a total of $150 million. The companies listed […]

Feeding the Beast | High Times

I’ve got some bad news. I fear the vibes are still off.  No—I’m not talking about the sensationalized news reports about “high-dose THC” or other types of pop culture urban legend claiming weed makes you all sorts of crazy.  I’m talking about unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, and likely other more severe mood and personality […]

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