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Young Cannabis Entrepreneurs Discover Untapped Market, and Offering Legal THC Products Tailored to Consumers’ Moods

While some may believe cannabis can bring people closer to God, others think it’s the Devil’s Grass. Almost half of America’s states, 23 to be exact — including Virginia, Arizona, and, most recently, Minnesota— have chosen to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Others, like South Carolina and Wyoming, deem it illegal, subject to jail […]

Cannabis Seltzer Sales Soar As Consumers Seek Buzz Without The Booze, Benzinga Conference Will Examine This Trend

America’s love affair with hard seltzer began back in 1993 when Coors Brewing Company launched a carbonated beverage, Zima Clearmalt that was marketed as an alternative to beer. Now, three decades later, seltzers are losing the booze and adding another popular ingredient: cannabis. What do the number crunchers say about this shift? It’s generational and investors of all ages should probably get […]

Study: Young MJ Consumers With Psychosis Risk Saw Symptom Improvement

A new study, titled “Recreational Cannabis Use Over Time in Individuals at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis: Lack of Associations with Symptom, Neurocognitive, Functioning, and Treatment Patterns” published in the journal Psychiatry Research, examined teens and young adults at risk of developing psychotic disorders.  Conducted by a team of researchers at Zucker Hillside Hospital, Stanford […]

Successful Stoners: Pepe Rivera And His Unwavering Fight For Justice For Marijuana Consumers

This special feature was made possible thanks to the Gabo Foundation and the Fund for Research and New Narratives on Drugs. You can read the original in Spanish on El Planteo. Learn about more Successful Stoners here. Pepe Rivera had his first approaches to social justice with the Movement for Peace with Justice where he […]

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