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Psilocybin-Based Drug Candidate Gains Patent

Ahead of the competition, drug developers are locking in patents while the psychedelic renaissance takes the medical community by storm. Enveric Biosciences, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel drugs primarily for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and addiction disorders, announced in a Sept. 20 press release that the United States Patent and […]

Georgia Department of Health Reports Discovery of Inflated Cannabis Patient Number

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) announced on Sept. 27 that its previously recorded data regarding the number of medical cannabis patients is actually less than expected. The state found “anomalies” that inflated its patient and caregiver numbers, which originally was projected to be about 50,000 patients. This number was still taking into account […]

Popular Weed Strains To Experience in 2023

Introduction Are you looking for the top weed strains to enjoy in 2023? Do you need a little kick to get you going for the day? Or to fall asleep at night? Growing cannabis is increasing in popularity, making it easier to explore the best strains. Now is perfect timing, as cannabis is legal in […]

Florida Sheriff’s Office Stops Using Cocaine Test Kit Due to Concerns of False Positive Results

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has stopped using a particular brand of cocaine field testing kits after more than a decade due to an investigation by one of their detectives which revealed the kits potentially give false positive results. According to local news outlets in the area, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a notice to all […]

Poll Affirms, Again, Most Ohioans Plan to Vote ‘Yes’ on November’s Rec Weed Measure

A poll commissioned by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA)—the campaign supporting the ballot initiative—and conducted by FM3 Research surveyed likely November voters in mid-August, specifically asking about their stance on ushering in recreational cannabis laws for the Buckeye State. The results found that roughly three out of five Ohio voters support the […]

India Carves Out Its Own Lane in the Shroom Boom

The first mushroom festival in India took place September 15-18 in the verdant and fungally diverse tropical forests of Wayanad in the southern state of Kerala. The inaugural Shroom Sabha attracted mycophiles from all corners of the subcontinent, and struck an acute balance between professionalism and playfulness that brought out the best of each quality.  […]

From the Archives: A Lifetime Supply of Peyote Magic (1977)

By J. F. Burke Most of my life it’s been boo, booze and blow. I didn’t get into trips until I was 42, in 1957, when a friend of mine in Santa Fe introduced me to peyote. A Taos Indian had given a dozen peyote buttons to each of several persons in Santa Fe’s art […]

Leafing Through the Lore | High Times

The sheer amount of work that goes into publishing a book, from the challenges that arise during research to the technicalities behind photography, is often overlooked. This is especially evident for books about cannabis and cannabis culture. Higher: The Lore, Legends, and Legacy of Cannabis, written by Dan Michaels and featuring photography by Erik Christiansen […]

The Search for the Next Great Strain

Halle Pennington wears a loose white shirt resembling a lab coat and counts out 5,000 cannabis seeds with a machine typically used for sorting diamonds. The seeds per weight, she says, are equivalent to the price of gold. We’re in the headquarters of Humboldt Seed Company on the second stop of a multi-week tour that […]

Ukrainian Immigrants Open Dispensary in West Virginia

Ukrainian immigrants looking for a better future are turning to opportunities in medical cannabis in multiple states. The Herald-Dispatch reports that a pair of Ukrainian immigrants are owners of a new dispensary opening up in Huntington, West Virginia. While one of the operators emigrated to the U.S. decades ago, they are proudly supporting their home […]

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