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Study Shows MDMA Enhances Emotional Response to Positive Social Interactions

The psychedelic MDMA may enhance the emotional response to positive social interactions, according to the results of a recently published study. The findings suggest that MDMA may have the potential to influence social perception and could one day be used to treat conditions characterized by impaired social processing. MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), commonly known as ecstasy or […]

Study: Higher Dose of Naloxone Didn’t Save More Lives

A higher dose version of naloxone, the nasal spray used to reverse opioid-induced overdoses, did not lead to more saved lives, according to a new study published earlier this month. The findings, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, indicated that “no significant differences were found in the survival of aided persons” in […]

Does Cannabis Share Psychedelic Properties? A Comparative Study with LSD Reveals Insights

LSD and psilocybin are known for their capacity to enhance the complexity or “diversity” of brain activity. But does THC work in the same way? Contrary to LSD and what are traditionally termed “classic psychedelics,” THC mimics the action neurotransmitters known as endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters reversely transmit signals across brain synapses, crucial in controlling neuronal […]

Study Shows DMT May Be Effective Treatment For Depression

The psychedelic drug DMT may be an effective treatment for depression, according to the results of a recently published study. The research also found that the intensity of a person’s psychedelic experience could be linked to the psychological benefits of the treatment. DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychedelic that can be found naturally in some plants […]

Study: Cannabis May Be Effective Harm Reduction Tool To Ease Stimulant Cravings

Despite the skewed messaging of the past suggesting that cannabis is a gateway drug or will lead to the use and abuse of more addictive and harmful substances, many today understand that cannabis may be utilized as a harm reduction tool.  Whether its individuals looking to reduce or eliminate their use of opioids for medical […]

Yet Another Study Shows Ketamine To Be An Effective Treatment For Depression

Ketamine may be an effective treatment for severe depression, according to the results of a recently published clinical trial. The research, which was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Affective Disorders, found that participants with major depressive disorder showed a significant improvement in symptoms including suicidality after receiving intravenous ketamine infusion therapy. Major depressive disorder, […]

Study: Microdosing Psilocybin May Help Treat Compulsive Behaviors, Anhedonia

Microdosing, a once somewhat niche practice, is slowly gaining momentum in the mainstream as the psychedelic renaissance continues to take shape. It’s often associated with psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin, involving a regular dose of very small amounts of a substance to reap the benefits without the effects of a standard dose that may interfere […]

CBD Can Significantly Lower Dogs’ Stress and Anxiety in Car Travel, Study Shows

Taking your dog to the vet or anywhere that involves moving vehicles is stressful. For you, let alone the poor pup. But your favorite plant, particularly CBD, could make the experience easier for them. And, yes, you’re allowed to have some, too.  Dogs who enjoy a daily dose of CBD see “significant reductions” in stress […]

Study Shows Weed May Impair Performance of Older Drivers

Using weed may impair the driving performance of older cannabis users who get behind the wheel, according to the results of a recently released study.  The study by Canadian researchers found that older drivers who used cannabis before driving showed an increase in lane weaving and a reduction in speed compared to a control driving […]

Study: German Patients Have ‘Greater Satisfaction’ With MMJ Than Previous Treatments

It’s no secret that cannabis can work as an alternative to other longstanding medicinal options as it pertains to curbing and treating pain and related symptoms. A number of studies have already confirmed the efficacy of cannabis and its compounds as it relates to pain management, though a new study suggests that patients believe it […]

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