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Research On Cannabis, Yoga Suggests That Setting Influences Mental Health Benefits

In a recent study from the University of British Columbia, researchers have unveiled new insights into the relationship between cannabis consumption and yoga. The study indicates that individuals who practice yoga after using cannabis may experience enhanced mindfulness and a heightened sense of mysticality. The research, which originated as a psychology dissertation, examined “the impact […]

Study Finds Psilocybin Use Associated With Mental Health Benefits

A new study has found that using psilocybin outside of a clinical setting was associated with mental health benefits including decreases in anxiety and depression. The research, which was published last month in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, studied nearly 3,000 people who reported on their experience taking psilocybin mushrooms.  To conduct the study, which […]

Psychedelics Produce Mental Health Improvements For Special Ops Vets, Study Finds

Researchers at the Ohio State University examined “the effectiveness of psychedelic-assisted therapy among trauma-exposed Special Operations Forces Veterans (SOFV) seeking treatment for cognitive and mental health problems in Mexico.”  They said that research “in psychedelic medicine has focused primarily on civilian populations,” and that further “study is needed to understand whether these treatments are effective […]

Georgia Department of Health Reports Discovery of Inflated Cannabis Patient Number

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) announced on Sept. 27 that its previously recorded data regarding the number of medical cannabis patients is actually less than expected. The state found “anomalies” that inflated its patient and caregiver numbers, which originally was projected to be about 50,000 patients. This number was still taking into account […]

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