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U.K. Patients Flock to Medical Cannabis Clinics Due to ADHD Pill Shortage

Due to a shortage in stimulant-based drugs for ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), the U.K.’s limited medical cannabis industry is seeing a spike in patients using cannabis for relief as an alternative. The exodus of patients resorting to medical cannabis shows its growing need. The Guardian reported last September that doctors in England were told not to prescribe […]

DEA Cracks Down on Internet Pill Press Sales

The DEA issued a letter Monday directed at online retailers selling pill presses, informing them that they are required to report sales of these presses to the DEA. According to the DEA, pill presses are commonly used to disguise the deadly opioid fentanyl by replicating existing prescription medications. These replicated pills are then sold to […]

Florida GOP’s Effort To Cap THC Goes Up in Smoke

A Republican-backed proposal in Florida to impose limits on THC potency in marijuana appears to have flamed out in the state’s legislative session. GOP lawmakers there introduced two measures –– House Bill 1269 and Senate Bill 7050 –– that would “sought to preemptively ban adults’ access to cannabis flower products containing more than 30 percent THC,” according […]

The Pharcyde: An Interview with the Hip-Hop Luminaries

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Bringing together reggae, rap, hip-hop, and a little bit of ska is Cali Vibes Music Festival, held every Valentine’s Day weekend on the Downtown Long Beach Waterfront. The GoldenVoice-run soiree has cherry picked the most significant cultural phenoms of Cali Reggae and neatly packed the biggest […]

Cheap Schemes and Big Tobacco Tricks: The Recipe for White Ash

The white ash conversation has been positively insufferable. Heady bois and cannabis connoisseurs from coast to coast have been posting videos of their ash on Instagram for what feels like years now, indicating that they’re smoking top shelf product solely based on the color of the ash. As much as I hate to disappoint, not […]

Potency Taxes Are Bad and You Should Feel Bad For Supporting Them

If you’ve ever bought from a licensed dispensary then you likely know that weed is taxed out the ass. The legislative fuckery runs rampant and deep thanks to America’s piecemeal state-by-state rules in lieu of federal legalization. There’s no assurance that the federal government would get taxation right if legalization were to occur. Regardless, the […]

Study Shows MDMA Enhances Emotional Response to Positive Social Interactions

The psychedelic MDMA may enhance the emotional response to positive social interactions, according to the results of a recently published study. The findings suggest that MDMA may have the potential to influence social perception and could one day be used to treat conditions characterized by impaired social processing. MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), commonly known as ecstasy or […]

Lawyers Suggest Prince Harry Could Have Exaggerated Drug Use Claims in Memoir ‘Spare’ To Boost Sales

Attorneys for the Biden administration contend that Prince Harry’s admissions in his best-selling 2023 memoir, Spare, of using cannabis, cocaine, and magic mushrooms don’t necessarily prove the royal’s drug use. The lawyers suggested that he might have exaggerated these claims to boost book sales, the Telegraph reports. Such arguments come after Prince Harry’s immigration status […]

New Mexico Governor Signs Psilocybin Memorial Legislation

Psilocybin proposal Senate Memorial 12 (SM-12) was recently signed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. SM-12 is referred to as memorial legislation, which is more of an official request for research, unlike other bill proposals. “A memorial requesting the Department of Health to study the efficacy of using psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic treatments and the establishment […]

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