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Federal Judge in Arkansas Blocks Hemp Cannabinoids Ban in Pivotal Ruling

The implications of a recent federal judge ruling have people in the industry asking: Did a federal judge just legalize help-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, HHC, THCP, and THCa flower? In a nutshell, a judge in Arkansas ruled that the 2018 Farm Bill takes legal precedence over an Arkansas state ban on hemp-derived cannabinoids, which […]

Congressman Introduces Bill To Withhold Federal Funding From States With Legal Weed

Rep. Chuck Edwards, who represents a district in western North Carolina, unveiled the “Stop Pot Act” on Friday, saying that the bill “will withhold 10 percent of federal highway funds for governments that violate federal law under the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits recreational marijuana and classifies it as a Schedule I drug.” The legislation […]

Former Mayor of Adelanto, California Sentenced to Federal Prison for Accepting Pot-Related Bribes

On August 4, former Adelanto, California mayor Richard Kerr was found guilty of taking cannabis-related bribes while in office. According to coverage from the Los Angeles Times, Kerr was sentenced to federal prison for 14 months. Initially, federal prosecutors sought to sentence Kerr to 46 months, but U.S. District Judge John W. Holcomb reconsidered the […]

U.S. Lawmakers File Bill To Ease Federal Employment Restrictions On Cannabis Use

A bipartisan pair of U.S. lawmakers last week introduced legislation to ease federal employment restrictions on cannabis use that deny employment opportunities for past and current marijuana users. The bill, titled the Cannabis Users Restoration of Eligibility (CURE) Act, was introduced on July 27 by Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Representative Nancy Mace, […]

Cannabis Businesses Affected by Flooding in Vermont Don’t Qualify for Federal Aid

While the west coast braces for the annual summertime heatwave, states on the east coast are trying to stay afloat amidst heavy rain. Destructive flooding ran through Monteplier, Vermont, the state’s capital, leaving many businesses closed for cleanup and repair. For affected cannabis businesses, this means that they can’t apply for federal aid. According to […]

Number of Federal Cannabis Prisoners Has Decreased by 61% Over the Past Five Years

Recently the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that the percentage of people in federal prison for cannabis convictions has dropped 61% between 2013-2018. The data was featured in an article published on July 13, entitled “Sentencing Decisions for Persons in Federal Prison for Drug Offenses, 2013-2018.” BJS Director Dr. Alexis Piquero explained […]

U.S. Forest Service Reminds Employees That They Are Still Subject to Federal Law

On June 22, U.S. Forest Service (USFS) deputy chief for business operations Tony Dixon published a statement exploring the relationship and impact of cannabis on federal employees. “Over the last 10 years or so, our views around the use of marijuana have shifted radically,” Dixon stated. “Many states have legalized use of marijuana for medicinal […]

Legal Defense For Hunter Biden Challenges Gun Possession Charges, Citing Recent Federal Cannabis Ruling

In a twist that intersects law, politics and personal choices, attorneys representing President Joe Biden’s son Hunter have raised a thought-provoking argument before the Justice Department. Citing a recent federal court ruling on gun rights for individuals who consume marijuana, they contend that any charges linked to allegations of false statements regarding drug use on a […]

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