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Is Weed Education Resonating With the Public?

There aren’t many unifying factors across the cannabis community these days. What once seemed like a largely in-lock-step group has splintered over the years. Still, one of the rare agreements reached across the spectrum is that the education gap persists.  The education gap essentially boils down to what is accurate and inaccurate about the plant […]

Weed Isn’t Legal If You Can’t Smoke It

One of the worst things happening during this wave of cannabis reform across America is the poor being left on the beach without a mechanism to legally smoke a little weed.  The biggest factors contributing to this are bans on consumption besides anywhere but a private residence. Furthermore, sometimes you can’t consume in a multi-unit […]

Doja Drops Bring Weed to the People

When the Hollywood Strain Premiere Party initially launched in the summer of last year, it was the place to be when it came to weed in Los Angeles. For an event that had no public advertising and for which the address and method for entering were a secret, attendance was regularly packed. Smokers looking for […]

South African Police Won’t Arrest You for Growing Weed in Your House (Or Your Car)

The South African Police Service has confirmed that they will no longer be bothering to arrest anybody for personal-use cultivation or possession of cannabis. “In short, possession, use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult, for personal consumption, in private, is permitted. In contrast, dealing in cannabis is not permitted, therefore commercialization of cannabis is […]

Congressman Introduces Bill To Withhold Federal Funding From States With Legal Weed

Rep. Chuck Edwards, who represents a district in western North Carolina, unveiled the “Stop Pot Act” on Friday, saying that the bill “will withhold 10 percent of federal highway funds for governments that violate federal law under the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits recreational marijuana and classifies it as a Schedule I drug.” The legislation […]

These 5 Gram Disposables are Taking Weed by Storm

Binoid never fails to impress the hemp community with new, larger than life products aimed at delivering the ultimate level of satisfaction to anyone craving psychoactive cannabinoids. Case in point: their brand new Exclusive Series 5 Gram Disposables, offering a whopping 5 grams of vape oil consisting solely of our favorite hemp compounds.   And, as […]

Bahamas Considers Weed Legalization for Religious, Medical Use

Government officials in the Bahamas last week introduced a number of measures that would dramatically change the country’s marijuana laws, including one proposal that would legalize cannabis for religious and medical purposes. The Associated Press reports that the Bahamian government introduced “several bills” aimed at marijuana reform. One, according to the AP, would decriminalize possession […]

Cannabis Licensing Chaos In Alabama Heats Up As Medical Marijuana Giant Takes Weed Regulators To Court – Verano Holdings (OTC:VRNOF)

Chicago-based marijuana company Verano Holdings Corp. VRNO VRNOF sued the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) on Monday, reported Alabama Reflector. Why? Verano first secured Alabama’s highly sought-after Integrated Facility License in June as part of the commission’s first attempt to award cannabis licenses and then lost its chance to get a share of the state […]

New York Weed License Pause Extended Two Weeks as Shop Owners Protest

A judge’s order forcing a temporary pause on the issuing of cannabis dispensary licenses in New York was extended for two weeks on Friday as business owners impacted by the injunction rallied outside an Ulster County courthouse to plead their case. Supreme Court Justice Kevin Bryant withheld a ruling at a hearing in a legal […]

K9 Named Karma Poses With 18-Pound Suitcase of Weed from Florida Airport Bust

Monday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) in Orlando, Florida posted a photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, gloating over a large bust involving 18 pounds of what appears to be brick weed that was found at Orlando International Airport. “Karma ruins Central Florida marijuana delivery,” Yahoo! News reports. Cannabis isn’t tolerated quite yet […]

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