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Illinois County Forces Dispensaries to Display Warning Labels About ‘Mental Health Dangers’ and ‘Suicidal Ideation’

One county official in Illinois issued a recent dispensary rule change that leaders say isn’t backed by science and goes too far. McHenry County, Illinois, will require dispensaries to label cannabis with mental health warnings about the potential for psychosis, depression, and suicidal ideation.  The county’s new approach was spearheaded by the county’s state’s attorney […]

Survey: One-Third of Those Under 50 Open to Psychedelic Mental Health Treatments

A poll from YouGov “found that a significant percentage of respondents across different age groups, including 18-24 year olds (36%) and 25-49 year olds (30%), expressed interest in trialing psilocybin and other currently illegal substances like ketamine, MDMA, and DMT for treating mental health conditions,” Psychedelic Spotlight reported. The outlet noted that the YouGov poll […]

COMPASS Pathways Secures $285 Million Towards Psychedelics for Mental Health

COMPASS Pathways, a biotechnology company dedicated to innovation in mental health, gained $285 million in private funding to research psychedelics, Behavioral Health Business reports. This amount should be enough to back their work through late 2025. By then, Biden willing, there is hope such treatment methods will have FDA approval.  “We view this investment as […]

States With Legal Weed See Drop in Mental Health Treatment

States that have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults have also seen a drop in mental health treatment admissions, according to newly published research. The findings, which came in a study published last month in the journal Health Economics, were based on data from ten states that have legalized adult-use cannabis.  “Recreational marijuana laws (RMLs) […]

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