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Painful Truth: Chronic Pain Linked to Increased Tobacco And Cannabis Co-Use, Finds Duke University

What Happened A new study conducted by the Duke University School of Medicine reveals notable correlations between chronic pain and the use of tobacco and cannabis, often concurrently. Published in Addictive Behaviors, the study highlighted that adults experiencing a painful week are more likely to combine these substances as a coping mechanism. Why It Matters […]

Cops Cleared of Federal Charges After Being Linked To Tipping Off Illegal Cannabis Operation

A web of lies and conspiracy is unfolding involving at least four law enforcement officers and multiple city officials in the area of Franklin County, Maine.  While two former Franklin County deputies await charges for allegedly keeping an illegal cannabis operation in Farmington, Maine in the loop of law enforcement surveillance, two other officers were […]

Study: Legal Pot Retailers Not Linked To Rise In Crime

According to a study published this month in the Annals of Regional Science, the opening of a state-regulated cannabis dispensary “has no significant impact on local crime in the average neighborhood.” If you’re reading this, chances are you didn’t need to be told that –– but feel free to share with someone who does!  The researchers […]

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