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Report: Massachusetts Cannabis Social Equity Fund At $0 Year After Launch

A fund created by Massachusetts state lawmakers last year to subsidize equity-owned cannabis businesses there remains empty, according to a report.  Boston Business Journal reports that a “bill passed by the Massachusetts legislature last August created a new fund that promised millions of dollars to equity-owned cannabis businesses,” but that “nearly a year later, not […]

New York Cannabis Social Equity Fund Secures $150 Million Investment

New York Governor Kathy Hochul last week announced that the state’s cannabis social equity fund has secured a $150 million investment to support entrepreneurs licensed to open recreational marijuana retail shops. Under the terms of the deal, Chicago Atlantic Admin, LLC will invest up to $150 million in secured capital to provide loans to business […]

We’re Getting Equity Wrong | High Times

Another Juneteenth has come and passed, bringing a renewed wave of highlights of Black-owned brands and commitments to fostering diversity and equity in cannabis. Then, it’s back to the usual scheduled programming. Maybe the average brand will have one other product drop or campaign this year of which they’ll donate 10% of profits to a […]

Cannabis Legalization In Maryland: Massive 30,000 Marijuana-Seed Giveaway And Gov. Moore’s Equity Goals

A nonprofit group in Maryland will receive 30,000 viable cannabis seeds from volunteers at the D.C.-Maryland border the moment it officially becomes legal – at one minute past midnight on Saturday, July 1.  The seeds will then be given to adults over 21 starting at ‘high noon’ that same Saturday from 13 volunteer-run locations throughout Maryland.  The seed giveaway program, ‘Question 4 Seed Score’ refers to Question 4, the […]

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