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Shooting Sours Copenhagen’s Open Hash Market Haven

Copenhagen, Denmark’s autonomous neighborhood commune of Christiania (or Freetown Christiania) has tolerated soft drug use for decades on Pusher Street, its main market, but a recent shooting might complicate things for its open hash trade. On Sept. 4, the mayor of Copenhagen on Monday urged foreign tourists not to buy cannabis in the city’s Christiania […]

Tennis Star Catches Wind of Pot Smell at US Open

The US Open is not played on grass, but there was apparently still plenty of green on Monday as the year’s final tennis grand slam began in New York.  On the women’s side, the eighth-seeded Maria Sakkari lost in an opening round upset to the unseeded Spaniard Rebeka Masarova in straight sets –– a match that […]

Survey: One-Third of Those Under 50 Open to Psychedelic Mental Health Treatments

A poll from YouGov “found that a significant percentage of respondents across different age groups, including 18-24 year olds (36%) and 25-49 year olds (30%), expressed interest in trialing psilocybin and other currently illegal substances like ketamine, MDMA, and DMT for treating mental health conditions,” Psychedelic Spotlight reported. The outlet noted that the YouGov poll […]

Harlem Set To Open First Legal Dispensary

It is a celebratory time in one of New York City’s most historic neighborhoods, which will open its first legal marijuana dispensary next week.  The dispensary, known as Gotham Buds, has a “tentative grand opening” scheduled on September 5 at its location just across the street from the iconic Apollo Theater, according to CBS New […]

NHL’s Kyle Quincey To Open Psilocybin Retreat

Former Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kyle Quincey found that psilocybin helped him with his battle with mental health during the pandemic, and he was to share that experience with others in the form of a retreat. The pandemic amplified mental health disorders for people from all backgrounds. Amid the psychedelic renaissance, more are turning to psilocybin […]

New Hampshire Medical Pot Dispensaries Open Business to Outsiders (Even Canadians!)

Medical cannabis patients who are visiting New Hampshire from another state or Canada can now receive the treatment from authorized dispensaries there.  The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services announced that, beginning on Wednesday, June 28, the state’s “alternative treatment centers” will be permitted to “dispense therapeutic cannabis to visitors from out of […]

Mushroom Shop Determined to Open in Montreal, Mayor Vows to Crack Down

The owner of a chain of stores that sells psilocybin mushrooms has plans to set up shop in one of Canada’s largest and most culturally vibrant cities––but the mayor has other ideas. According to CTV, the “chain is called FunGuyz, which operates nine dispensaries across Ontario and has plans to open another spot in Montreal […]

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