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Fling: Finally A Dating Site Focused on Quality Users

Have you found yourself enjoying a tasty Jeeter on a cold winter night but wishing you had a special someone to relax with? Maybe just a special connection or possibly a soulmate who shares your philosophy for living a life with no drama. That’s where Fling delivers. Fling has built a like minded community of […]

Study: Cannabis Users’ Empathy-Focused Brain Regions Have Stronger Connectivity

A bulk of cannabis users will attest to the fact that weed can indeed bring people together and help better foster a sense of mutual understanding and respect with one another. Science is just now catching up to in regard to a number of long-held anecdotal understandings surrounding cannabis use, with cannabis and empathy among […]

Study: Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Kidney Stone Risk in Male Users

Researchers in China recently looked at the relationship between kidney stone rates among male cannabis users versus those who do not consume cannabis and found that, indeed, that male cannabis users “were inversely associated with kidney stones.” The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology. Kidney stones have been documented in humans for […]

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