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Number of Licensed Hemp Farms in Kansas Decreases From 200 to 41

A recent report shows that the state of Kansas once had hundreds of licensed hemp cultivators, but that number has decreased significantly. Numbers for 2023 show that there are only 41 licensed hemp cultivators currently operating in Kansas. The surge in hemp cultivators was initially caused by the passage of the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, […]

New York Supreme Court Judge Lifts Injunction for Small Number of Cannabis Licenses

New York Supreme Court Justice Judge Kevin Bryant recently lifted a temporary injunction that previously halted approval for any state cannabis licenses on Aug. 25. However, only 30 licensees are currently affected by the decision compared to the statewide total of more than 400 applications that are still on hold.  “As such, those licenses identified […]

Number of Federal Cannabis Prisoners Has Decreased by 61% Over the Past Five Years

Recently the Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reported that the percentage of people in federal prison for cannabis convictions has dropped 61% between 2013-2018. The data was featured in an article published on July 13, entitled “Sentencing Decisions for Persons in Federal Prison for Drug Offenses, 2013-2018.” BJS Director Dr. Alexis Piquero explained […]

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