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Can Cannabinoids Help People Wean Off Opioids?

Doctors desperately need tools to battle the opioid epidemic, and they’re turning to cannabinoids for new ways to approach the problem of opioid use disorder (OUD). Recently researchers aimed to create an open-access framework designed to help people wean off and eventually replace opioids with cannabinoids as an alternative.  Last August, a study provided a […]

Federal Hyper Focus on Hemp Cannabinoids is Suppressing the Growth of Fiber & Grain

In 2023, U.S. Hemp-derived Cannabinoid Sales are Larger than Legal Cannabis Sales The U.S. cannabinoid market is a major national industry. At over $28 billion in revenue and with a nationally integrated supply chain, the hemp-derived cannabinoid market is currently larger than the entire legal U.S. adult-use and medical markets. Will Proposed Federal Fixes Do […]

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