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Infant Survived Potential Kidnapping, Car Crash While Dad Bought Xanax

The father of a nine-month old baby girl who went missing overnight this past July is facing multiple felony charges because police say he was inside his dealer’s house buying drugs when his car, left running with his baby inside, went missing out of the driveway. According to the Parrish Police Department, 9-month-old Harlow Freeman […]

A Growing Divergence. How will Declining Acreage Impact Hemp’s Potential

By Beau Whitney, Chief Economist, Whitney Economics Hemp has been a hot topic as of late, even when it comes to adult-use and medical policies. Despite being separated legally, there seems to be an intersection when it comes to how cannabis and hemp can coexist. Despite these discussions, there is a lot of education that […]

New England Builder Sees Huge Potential for Carbon Capture in Hemp Houses

HempStone’s Tom Rossmassler is passionate about addressing embodied carbon in home construction. He spoke to Let’s Talk Hemp from Northampton, Massachusetts. How did your career lead you to hemp? I’ve been involved with building and construction since the early ‘90s and have always tried to steer clients to local and natural products. I didn’t know about […]

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