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Psilocybin, ADHD Medication Together? Study Reveals Potential of Combined Approach

Researchers observed a notable development in an ongoing study of microdosing for ADHD. Two weeks into the research, participants using traditional ADHD medication reported lower mindfulness levels compared to those not on medication. But at the four-week mark, regardless of medication, both groups demonstrated improvements in mindfulness, indicating a leveling effect as a result of […]

Gallup Poll Reveals Record High American Pessimism Over U.S. Handling of Illegal Drug Crisis

According to a recent Gallup poll, there’s a significant change in Americans’ sentiment toward the nation’s handling of the illegal drug problem and its casualties. According to this survey, which has been tracking public opinion since 1972, a majority of U.S. adults, a whopping 52%, now believe that the country is falling behind in its […]

Diversity In Illinois Cannabis Industry Soars Since Recreational Legalization, New Report Reveals

The Illinois cannabis industry has undergone significant changes in recent years regarding diversity and social equity, as evidenced by data provided by the Cannabis Regulation Oversight Officer (CROO). As first reported by Illinois News Joint, since the launch of adult-use marijuana sales in January 2020, the state’s legal cannabis landscape has become notably more diverse. See […]

New Study Reveals Potential Benefits of Cannabis for COVID-19 Patients

Years now after the height of the pandemic, a new study shows evidence of the benefits of cannabis for those who had COVID-19. According to the researcher’s conclusions, cannabis consumers affected by COVID-19 experienced “better outcomes and mortality” compared to non-consumers. The study, entitled “Exploring the Relationship Between Marijuana Smoking and Covid-19,” was announced at […]

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