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Missouri Foster Parents Can Now Legally Possess, Grow Cannabis in Their Homes

Foster parents in Missouri can now legally possess and grow cannabis in their homes. This news results from an emergency rule the state Department of Social Services filed last week. However, of course, there are guidelines. Foster parents must store their cannabis in a manner “so as to be inaccessible to the children,” the rule […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis in Chile

Chile, the country, not to be confused with Chili (the food), is the longest north/south oriented country in the world, stretching across 39 degrees of latitudes, giving it plenty of climates for growing cannabis, and the traditional drug of choice, coca leaf. While Chile legalized medical cannabis before any other country in Latin America and […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis In South Africa

Cannabis is known by different names around the world; in South Africa, it is most commonly referred to as “dagga” (in Afrikaans) or “umthunzi wez’nkukhu” (in Zulu), which translates to “chicken shade.” While South Africa, like Japan, has a long history of cannabis cultivation, cannabis is not yet fully legal for adult use, but is […]

Cannabeginners: How To Legally Use Cannabis In Japan

Japan has a long history with plant medicines, including cannabis and psychedelics, but like most of the world, after WWII they were forced to change their drug laws to match those of the United States. Now, Japan is in a similar place to where the United States was back in the 1990s, with activists fighting […]

Cannabeginners: How to Legally Use Cannabis in France

While world-renowned hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli may have been a true cannabis evangelist, educating the masses on how to make high quality hash, unfortunately, the country he hailed from, France, has very different views of cannabis. Seeing how restrictive French laws on cannabis have been until very recently, it is no wonder that Frenchy left his […]

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