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From Sub Par to Six Star: How to Make Better Hash Rosin

Hash rosin has surged in popularity over the last few years in both the traditional and legal markets as consumers and operators alike begin to learn a bit more about the products they consume. This surge has been a net positive for the most part because access to quality concentrates has increased across the board […]

Shooting Sours Copenhagen’s Open Hash Market Haven

Copenhagen, Denmark’s autonomous neighborhood commune of Christiania (or Freetown Christiania) has tolerated soft drug use for decades on Pusher Street, its main market, but a recent shooting might complicate things for its open hash trade. On Sept. 4, the mayor of Copenhagen on Monday urged foreign tourists not to buy cannabis in the city’s Christiania […]

The Hash Sommelier | High Times

Shortly after the first hash pairing, the bright high hits me. I go silent and get lost in the scene—the light glistening off the water, the spectacular red expanse of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the short bell-like dings and creaks produced by boats rocking in the harbor. My host Sarah Jain Bergman notices my […]

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #40: The Second Annual Belated Hash Off

Everybody goes crazy for 7/10 now, just like they do for 4/20, but this one seems to be hitting its commercial stride far faster than our OG holiday did. If I could show you the amount of pitches I got for distillate vapes or edibles this year (because they’re made with oil, right?! idiots) you […]

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