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Survey Shows ‘Striking Positive Shift in Attitudes’ Toward Psychedelics Among Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists in the United States are increasingly receptive to psychedelic therapy, according to a newly released survey. The survey, published last month in the journal Psychedelic Medicine, revealed a notable shift in attitudes among psychiatrists toward hallucinogens and hallucinogen-assisted therapy that has taken place in the last several years. “Our data reveal a striking positive […]

Florida Sheriff’s Office Stops Using Cocaine Test Kit Due to Concerns of False Positive Results

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has stopped using a particular brand of cocaine field testing kits after more than a decade due to an investigation by one of their detectives which revealed the kits potentially give false positive results. According to local news outlets in the area, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office issued a notice to all […]

New Study Suggests Meditation, Psychedelic Use Leads to Positive Leadership Growth at Work

Mindfulness meditation and psychedelics have shown up together as a therapeutic pair throughout history. Ancient yogis, in a practice that sees yoga as meditation through movement, paired cannabis with their tradition, and rock stars like the Beatles famously also figured out how mixing meditation with psychedelics like LSD could create iconic records such as Sgt. […]

New Zealand-Based Rugby Athlete Receives Suspension Following Positive THC Test

New Zealand rugby player, Isaia Walker-Leawere, recently tested positive for THC and has been banned from playing on any team for one month. The 26-year-old lock (a second row rugby position) plays on the Hurricanes in Super Rugby; Hawke’s Bay; as well as the international rugby team, Māori All Blacks. According to the New Zealand […]

New Jersey Officer Reinstated After Being Fired For Positive Cannabis Drug Test

A police officer in Jersey City, New Jersey was fired for testing positive for THC in a drug test. Last week, that officer was reinstated to his position with back pay. Norhan Mansour was fired well after Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis in New Jersey in 2021 (with sales beginning […]

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