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Researchers Lead First Pilot Study on MDMA Treatment For New Mothers

A study on MDMA treatment for new mothers, which launched in the spring, is being led by Dr. Larry Leeman, the medical director of the University of New Mexico’s Milagro Program. Leeman “treats expectant mothers experiencing opioid use disorder,” and “was dismayed to see that many of his patients eventually resumed opioid use due untreated […]

Researchers Identify Mechanism Behind CBD’s Anti-inflammatory Effects

In a recent study, researchers have gained critical insight into the mechanism behind cannabinoids, with a particular focus on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD and how it works to reduce inflammation, New Atlas reports. Inflammation is responsible for everything from skin breakouts (hence CBD’s presence in beauty products) to medical conditions such as asthma, autoimmune disease, […]

Researchers Explore Psilocybin’s Antidepressant Effects, How it Disrupts Brain Connectivity

In a recently published preprint study, entitled “Psilocybin desynchronizes brain networks,” researchers analyze the comparison between psilocybin and the default mode network (DMN) of the brain. “Psilocybin-driven desynchronization was observed across [the] association cortex but strongest in the default mode network (DMN), which is connected to the anterior hippocampus and thought to create our sense […]

Researchers Address Benefits of Cannabinoid Properties for Various Skin Conditions

A study published in the journal Molecules on Aug. 20, entitled “Therapeutic Potential of Minor Cannabinoids in Dermatological Diseases—A Synthetic Review,” put the spotlight on various cannabinoids as a method to help treat specific dermatological diseases. Polish researchers Emilia Kwiecień and Dorota Kowalczuk from the Medical University of Lublin and chemistry lab, A-Sense, analyzed medical […]

Researchers Find CBD-Like Compound in South American Shrub

Another active compound researchers are calling a cannabinoid has been discovered in another plant species that grows wild like a weed all over Brazil, further showing that cannabis compound properties are not entirely unique to one species. After finding cannabinoid-like compounds in several other plants beyond cannabis, the most recent being a psychoactive THC-like compound […]

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