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Acid Trip Ends in Arrest for Naked Bills Fan Who Covered Himself in Feces, Fell Down 30-Foot Hole

A nude man high on LSD, cocaine and more was arrested Sunday after being rescued from a 30-foot pit at the construction site of the Buffalo Bills’ new football stadium, relatively unharmed but covered in human fecal matter from a nearby porta-potty. Originally reported by WIVB-4, deputies with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office mercifully withheld […]

Michigan Ends Weed Testing For Some State Jobs

The Michigan Civil Service Commission adopted a rule change last week that will end drug screenings for marijuana for applicants to many state jobs. The new rule overturns previous state policy that automatically disqualified applicants to state positions that tested positive for cannabis, although applicants to some positions will still be required to pass a […]

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